• Thursday 13 June 2013
  • NO. 5029
  • VOL. 143

Election results6 June

Council (Humanities and Social Sciences)

One member of Congregation elected by Congregation from members of the faculties in the Divisions of Humanities and of Social Sciences

On Thursday, 6 June, the following was duly elected to Council to hold office from Michaelmas term 2013 until Michaelmas term 2017:

Teresa Morgan, MA PhD Camb, MA Oxf, Fellow of Oriel, Faculty of Classics

[The votes recorded were: for Dr T J Morgan, 466; for Professor S J Whatmore, 327. 12 ballots were spoiled.]

Council (non-divisional)

Three members of Congregation, not necessarily being members of any division and not in any case being nominated in a divisional capacity, elected by Congregation

On Thursday, 6 June, the following were duly elected to Council:

1 to hold office from Michaelmas term 2013 until Michaelmas term 2017:

Frances Lannon, MA DPhil Oxf, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Faculty of History

2 to hold office from Michaelmas term 2013 until Michaelmas term 2016:

Chris Wickham, MA DPhil Oxf, Fellow of All Souls, Faculty of History

3 to hold office from Michaelmas term 2013 until Michaelmas term 2014:

H R Dorkins, BM BCh MA Oxf, MSc Lond, Fellow of St Peter's, Faculty of Physiological Sciences

[The votes recorded were: for Mr T Brett, 206; for Dr J G Deutsch, 284; for Dr H R Dorkins, 322; for Mr J P Hall, 74; for Mr A I Handa, 260; for Dr F Lannon, 491; for Mr S P Q Rahtz, 146; for Professor C J Wickham, 465. 19 ballots were spoiled.]

Curators of the University Libraries

One member of Congregation elected by Congregation

On Thursday, 6 June, the following was duly elected as a Curator of the University Libraries to hold office from Michaelmas term 2013 until Michaelmas term 2017:

Lesley Smith, BSc MSc LSE, MA DPhil Oxf, Fellow of Harris Manchester, Faculty of History, Faculty of Social Studies

[The votes recorded were: for Professor D C De Roure, 172; for Dr S V Hunt, 178; for Dr L J Smith, 320; for Professor D Zeitlyn, 101. 19 ballots were spoiled.]

Contested election13 June

The following election will be contested.

Nominating Committee for the Vice-Chancellorship

Two persons, not also being members of Council, elected by Congregation

Current/Retiring Member To hold office until
Professor G D W Smith, Faculty of Materials MT 2018
Dr A Avramides, St Hilda's MT 2018

The following nominations have been received:

Nicholas C Bamforth, BCL MA Oxf, Fellow of Queen's, Faculty of Law

Nominated by:

P A Madden, Provost of Queen's, University Offices
A M Bowie, Queen's, Faculty of Classics
M J Burden, New College, Faculty of Music
S C Cooper, St Catherine's, Faculty of Physics
D G Fraser, Worcester, Faculty of Earth Sciences
S D Fredman, Pembroke, Faculty of Law
E J Garnett, Wadham, Faculty of History
L J M Green, Balliol, Faculty of Law
L C H Hoyano, Wadham, Faculty of Law
J C L Tseng, St Edmund Hall, Faculty of Physics

Candidate statement:
Oxford's worldwide success in research and teaching is closely associated with its academic values and democratic internal organisation. We recruit internationally distinguished faculty members and attract exceptionally able students on the basis that we are – in departments, faculties and most particularly Colleges – an egalitarian academic community.

Anyone selected as Vice-Chancellor must respect Oxford’s distinctive values and structures, while having the ability to build consensus within the academic community about how best to defend, strengthen and safeguard them. An ability to build consensus will also be crucial at a practical level, for example in reinforcing the university’s attempts to develop and maintain generous bursaries for students. Members of the Nominating Committee for the Vice-Chancellorship must, as a result, be keenly aware of and sympathetic to the values and structures concerned.

Having served as an elected member of the University Council (2006–10) and as Junior Proctor (2010–11) during the time in office of two Vice-Chancellors, I have seen at first hand and over a five year period many of the challenges which face the holder of that post. I have been able to reflect closely on the qualities which a successful Vice-Chancellor needs in Oxford, and if elected to the Nominating Committee I will do my upmost to ensure that anyone nominated to the post possesses those qualities.

University positions previously held:

  • Elected member of Council, 2006–2010
  • Junior Proctor, 2010–2011
  • Council-nominated member of the Education Committee, 2006–2010

Chas Bountra, BSc Lond, PhD Edin, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Nominated by:

W N Hutton, Principal of Hertford
F M Ashcroft, Trinity, Faculty of Physiological Sciences
J I Bell, Christ Church, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
A M Buchan, Corpus Christi, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
K E Davies, Hertford, Faculties of Biochemistry, of Physiological Sciences, and of Clinical Medicine
D J Gavaghan, New College, Faculty of Computer Science
J R Geddes, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
R E Phillips, Pembroke, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
P J Ratcliffe, Magdalen, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
C J Schofield, Hertford, Faculty of Chemistry

Candidate statement:
I would be honoured to sit on the Nominating Committee for the Vice-Chancellorship. I enjoyed a Fellowship in Physiology and a College Lectureship at Balliol, before moving into the pharmaceutical industry to drive new drug discovery programmes in Neurodegenerative, Pain and Gastrointestinal diseases. I have been back in Oxford for the past 5 years as Director of the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) and Professor of Translational Medicine, in NDM.

In this period the SGC has become a leader in human protein structural biology, epigenetics chemical biology, and one of the most successful public-private partnerships in biomedicine. Working with many colleagues in MS and MPLS divisions, and the Doctoral Training Centres, the SGC has become a hub for innovation, for academic collaborations, partnerships with many pharmaceutical companies and now, for the creation of new enterprises.

I continue to work across these Divisions and Social Sciences, to progress joint initiatives for creating many new biotechs in Oxford ("Bioescalator") and major funding applications in Target Discovery, rare diseases, Alzheimer's, chemical and structural biology. Outside Oxford, I am working with several UK and non-UK funders to expand pre-competitive science and "transform" the way we do drug discovery.

My primary objective is to use the in depth knowledge, innovation, clinical expertise and entrepreneurship in Oxford to create important new medicines for patients, sustainable life science companies and hence many more high tech jobs in the region. The collective efforts of many friends in the University are making Oxford the academic drug discovery centre of Europe.

Bill Roscoe, MA DPhil Oxf, Fellow of University College, Faculty of Computer Science

Nominated by:

D C Clary, President of Magdalen, Faculty of Chemistry
I M Crewe, Master of University College, Faculty of Social Studies
S C Cooper, St Catherine's, Faculty of Physics
R L Davies, Christ Church, Faculty of Physics
A M Etheridge, Magdalen, Faculties of Statistics and of Mathematics
A N Halliday, Wadham, Faculty of Earth Sciences
B A Sufrin, Worcester, Faculty of Computer Science
J F Wheater, University College, Faculty of Physics

Candidate statement:
I became the university's very first tutorial fellow in Computer Science in 1983. Since then I have always been closely involved in the life of Univ, and was Senior Tutor there 1993–7. I was the final Chairman of the Mathematical Sciences Faculty Board (1998–2000) before becoming Head of the Computer Science Department in 2003, a position I will hold until 2014. In my time I have helped choose (usually leading the selection process) at least 100 Oxford academics.

The university needs the sort of leadership that will both protect Oxford's distinctive and uniquely strong brand as a collegiate university, and carry it forward to meet the ever more extraordinary challenges and opportunities that the modern world brings to the university sector.

Note: Full details of the committee's remit, composition, functions and powers can be found at: www.admin.ox.ac.uk/statutes/regulations/308-072.shtml.

For further information, please contact the Deputy University Secretary (emma.rampton@admin.ox.ac.uk).


Nominations in writing for the elections on 13 June, by four members of Congregation other than the candidate, were received by the Elections Office, at the University Offices, Wellington Square, up to 4pm on Thursday, 16 May.

Candidates were invited to include, with their nomination forms, a written statement of no more than 250 words, setting out his or her reasons for standing and qualifications for the office being sought. These statements are now available online at www.admin.ox.ac.uk/elections and are published in this issue of the Gazette.

Ballot papers have been sent out to members of Congregation.

Please note that each elector may vote for up to two candidates for this election.

Completed ballot papers must be received by the Elections Office not later than 4pm on Thursday, 13 June.

For further information, please contact the Elections Officer (shirley.mulvihill@admin.ox.ac.uk).