Notifications of Vacancies

  • Thursday 10 January 2013
  • NO. 5010
  • VOL. 143

Please refer to the website, or contact the email address shown, for further details of the vacancy. For a full list of vacancies in the University and colleges, see

The University is committed to equality and valuing diversity.

University of Oxford

School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography and Department of Social Policy and Intervention in association with Nuffield; University Lecturership in Demography; £35,966–£48,293 plus £20,627 college allowance; noon, 4 February;

Saïd Business School in association with Green Templeton; University Lecturership in Accounting; £42,883–£57,581; noon, 25 January;

Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages; King John II Professorship of Portuguese; 4 February;

Department of Politics and International Relations in association with Balliol; University Lecturership in Political Theory; £42,883–£57,581 plus £5,200 college allowance; noon, 16 January;

Colleges, Halls and Societies

Hertford; 6-hour fixed-term stipendiary Lectureship in French; £12,626–£13,789; 25 January;

Merton; fixed-term Fitzjames Research Fellow in Ancient Greek; £28,065; 8 February;

Merton; fixed-term Fellow and Tutor in Politics; £35,966–£48,293; 1 February;

Oriel; Management Accountant; £28,000–£32,000; 25 January;

Queen's; Laming Junior Fellowship; c£12,767; 8 February;

Queen's; stipendiary Lecturer in French; £24,520 plus allowances; 1 February;

Queen's; stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy; £16,347; 1 February;

Somerville in association with the Faculty of Philosophy; Tutorial Fellowship in Ancient Philosophy in association with a Common University Fund (CUF) University Lecturership; £42,883–£57,581; noon, 14 January;

Wolfson; Senior Development Officer; £26,000–£30,000; 18 January;

External Vacancies

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies; Bursary Assistant; £22,000–£24,000; 1 February;

University of Cambridge; Professorship of Empirical Macroeconomics; 11 February;

University of Cambridge; Montague Burton Professorship of Industrial Relations and Labour Economics; 31 January;