• Thursday 7 June 2012
  • NO. 4992
  • VOL. 142

Contested election7 June

The following election will be contested. All members of Congregation are entitled to vote in this election. Ballot papers were dispatched from the University Offices on 18 May. Completed ballot papers must be received by the Elections Officer not later than 4 pm on 7 June. Candidate statements are included below. Voters may wish to wait until they have read these statements before returning their ballot papers.


One member of Congregation elected by Congregation from members of the faculties in the divisions of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences and of Medical Sciences:

Current/Retiring Member
To hold office until
Professor S C Cooper, St Catherine's
MT 2016

The following nominations have been received:

Kay E Davies, MA DPhil Oxf, Fellow of Hertford, Faculties of Biochemistry, of Physiological Sciences, and of Clinical Medicine

Nominated by:

A M Buchan, Corpus Christi, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

A G Galione, Lady Margaret Hall, Faculty of Physiological Sciences

P A Robbins, Queen's, Faculty of Physiological Sciences

M S P Sansom, Corpus Christi, Faculty of Biochemistry

Candidate statement:

Kay Davies is the Dr Lee's Professor of Anatomy, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, Honorary Director of the MRC Functional Genomics Unit and Associate Head of Division, Medical Sciences Division. She was Head of the Department of Genetics from 1996-1998, the Head of Human Anatomy and Genetics 1998-2005, and Head of the merged Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics from 2008 until 2011. She is a Fellow of Hertford College. She is a world renowned geneticist with more than 350 peer reviewed papers and numerous awards. She currently serves on the Oxford Personnel Committee and Honorary Degrees Committee. She is a Delegate to Oxford University Press. She is familiar with the area of commercial exploitation of science as she co-founded Vastox plc (now Summit plc) in order to take drugs to the clinic for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. She has served on MRC Council and is currently on research committees of various charities. She is a Governor of the Wellcome Trust. Professor Davies is a founding fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2003. She is committed to the public understanding of science through radio, television and newspaper interviews and public lectures. She is patron of the Oxfordshire Science Festival, 2012. She was awarded a CBE in 1995 and a DBE in 2008 in recognition of her many contributions to medical research.

Roger L Davies, BSc UCL, MA DPhil Oxf, PhD Camb, Student of Christ Church, Faculty of Physics

Nominated by:

C A Lewis, Dean of Christ Church, Faculty of Theology

Lord Krebs of Wytham, Principal of Jesus, Faculty of Zoology

R W Ainsworth, Master of St Catherine's, Faculty of Engineering Science

S C Cooper, St Catherine's, Faculty of Physics

R C Darton, Keble, Faculty of Engineering Science

R Wade-Martins, Christ Church, Faculty of Physiological Sciences

Candidate statement:

The University is a diverse organisation that faces challenges from many directions. Our core activities are teaching and research. Maintaining excellence in these, despite the numerous other demands on our attention, is crucial to continuing success. Specifically I believe that success will come through supporting individuals and teams of colleagues to have the freedom, time and resources they need to pursue world class research and innovative teaching. I have held positions both inside and beyond the university that I believe prepare me well for service on the Council. I was elected Chairman of Physics and led one of the largest departments in the University for five years. I have served on Research Councils, I have Chaired the Board of Directors of two international Observatories and for the last two years I have been President of the Royal Astronomical Society. Through these roles I have firsthand experience of priority setting with limited resources, and taking the lead in promoting academic research beyond the confines of academe. The University is fortunate in having access to resources from donors and OUP in addition to student fees, HEFCE and Research Council funding. Marshalling those resources to best serve researchers and scholars is the crucial role of Council and one I look forward to participating in.

W Gillies McKenna, BSc Edin, PhD MD Albert Einstein, Fellow of Wolfson, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Nominated by:

Sir John Bell, Christ Church, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

A M Cooper-Sarkar, St Hilda's, Faculty of Physics

P K Maini, St John's, Faculty of Mathematics

K A Nasmyth, Trinity, Faculty of Biochemistry

J A Noble, St Hilda's, Faculty of Engineering Science

P J Ratcliffe, Magdalen, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

C J Schofield, Hertford, Faculty of Chemistry

T P Softley, Merton, Faculty of Chemistry

L Tarassenko, St John's, Faculty of Engineering Science

H C Watkins, Exeter, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Candidate statement:

We live in difficult times, and it is essential that the Divisions find opportunities to work together. As your representative for both the Medical (MSD) and Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences (MPLS) Divisions, my goal will be to ensure that we have a voice in support of our activities in the highest levels of the University. There is much work to be done at the interfaces of our disciplines, and it is in such areas that we often train our students and postdoctoral fellows. I have demonstrated ability to work with both the MSD and MPLS Divisions in numerous areas linking with external funding partners and Research Councils. The Oxford Cancer Imaging Centre of which I am Principal Investigator has brought in millions of pounds of research support, and brings together researchers from Chemistry, Mathematics and Engineering with many researchers across the MSD and NHS Trust. I ensured that 40% of the funds raised for the Imaging Centre went to support trainees, the vast majority of them working across Divisions. The Particle Therapy Cancer Research Institute, which I helped found, brings together researchers in the MSD with Physics and Computing from MPLS. Foundations that we build in hard times will allow us to build mighty edifices for teaching and research when times improve. The interests of MSD and MPLS are so closely entwined that it is essential that we be effectively represented on Council. I would be honoured to take on this role with your support.


For further information, please contact the Elections Officer (shirley.stacey@admin.ox.ac.uk).