• Thursday 7 June 2012
  • NO. 4992
  • VOL. 142

Congregation7 June


Contested election


Details are in 'Elections' section below.

Congregation12 June

The deadline for any two members of Congregation to give notice to the Registrar of the intention to oppose or amend either of the legislative proposals at 1 and 2 or the resolution at 3 below was noon on 4 June. As a result of the extended Jubilee bank holiday, this issue of the Gazette went to press before that deadline. We were therefore unable to confirm, at the time of going to press, whether the Congregation meeting of 12 June was going ahead or had been cancelled.


The meeting of Congregation is cancelled. The sole business comprises questions to which no opposition has been notified and in respect of which no request for adjournment has been received, and Mr Vice-Chancellor will accordingly declare the legislative proposals carried and the resolution approved without a meeting under the provisions of Sect 7 (1) of Statute IV (Supplement (1) to Gazette No 4633, 9 October 2002, p 100).

(1) Voting on Legislative Proposal: Statute XIII: Fitness to Study

(For explanatory note and text of legislative proposal, see Gazette No 4990, 24 May 2012, p 535.)

(2) Voting on Legislative Proposal: Statute XIII: Oxford University Student Union

(For explanatory note and text of legislative proposal, see Gazette No 4990, 24 May 2012, p 539.)

(3) Voting on Resolution authorising expenditure from the Higher Studies Fund

(For explanatory note and text of resolution, see Gazette No 4990, 24 May 2012, p 539.)

Congregation20 June

(1) Encaenia

Mr Vice-Chancellor invites Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Heads of House, Heads of Division, holders of the Oxford Degrees of Doctor of Divinity, Civil Law, Medicine, Letters, Science, and Music, the Proctors, the Assessor, the Public Orator, the Registrar, the outgoing President of the Oxford University Student Union, and the Presidents of the Junior and Middle common rooms of St Peter's College, St Edmund Hall, and Exeter College (as being the colleges of the Proctors and the Assessor) to partake of Lord Crewe's Benefaction to the University, meeting him in the Fellows' Garden of Exeter College at 10.30 am on Wednesday, 20 June. Thence they will go in procession to the Sheldonian Theatre, where will be spoken the Oration in Commemoration of the Benefactors of the University according to the intention of the Right Honourable Nathaniel, Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham.

Note. Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Heads of House, Heads of Division, and Doctors who propose to accept Mr Vice-Chancellor's invitation, and to be present in the Sheldonian Theatre, are requested to inform the Events Office at the University Offices, Wellington Square by email ( no later than Wednesday, 13 June. They are reminded that, while academic dress of other universities may (if desired) be worn at the Encaenia Garden Party, the appropriate Oxford academic dress should always be worn at the partaking of Lord Crewe's Benefaction and at the Encaenia ceremony.

Aung San Suu Kyi has accepted an invitation to attend the Encaenia on 20 June for the conferment of the honorary degree approved by resolution on 24 April 1993.

(2) Honorary Degrees

Doctor of Civil Law

Aung San Suu Kyi, MA Oxf, Chairman of the National League for Democracy, Burma, member of the Burmese parliament, Honorary Fellow of St Antony's, Honorary Fellow of St Hugh's

Baroness (Elizabeth Lydia) Manningham-Buller, DCB, MA Oxf, former Director General of the Security Service, Honorary Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall

Doctor of Letters

Mr David John Moore Cornwell (John le Carré), MA Oxf, author, Honorary Fellow of Lincoln

Professor Drew Gilpin Faust, AB Bryn Mawr, AM PhD Penn, historian, President and Lincoln Professor of History, Harvard, Member of the Society of American Historians, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Philosophical Society

Sir Howard Stringer, MA Oxf, Chairman, Sony Corporation, Honorary Fellow of Merton

Professor Charles Margrave Taylor, BA McGill, MA DPhil Oxf (Rhodes Scholar), philosopher, Honorary Fellow of Balliol, Honorary Fellow of Blackfriars, Emeritus Professor, McGill, FBA, Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Companion of the Order of Canada, Grand Officer of the Ordre national du Québec

Doctor of Science

Dr Henry Joseph Macaulay Barnett, MD Toronto, Neurologist, former President and Scientific Director, Robarts Research Institute, Companion of the Order of Canada

Professor William Daniel Phillips, BS Juniata College, PhD MIT, physicist, Fellow of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Joint Quantum Institute

Note on procedures in Congregation

¶ Business in Congregation is conducted in accordance with Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002 ( A printout of these regulations, or of any statute or other regulations, is available from the Council Secretariat on request. A member of Congregation seeking advice on questions relating to its procedures, other than elections, should contact Mrs C Benton at the University Offices, Wellington Square (telephone: (2)80107; email:; questions relating to elections should be directed to the Elections Officer, Ms S L Stacey (telephone: (2)80463, email: