Council and Main Committees

  • Thursday 6 October 2011
  • NO. 4964
  • VOL. 142

Congregation4 October

1 Oration by the Vice-Chancellor

Mr Vice-Chancellor addressed the House.

¶The text of the Oration will be published as a supplement with Gazette No. 4965.

2 Admission of Pro-Vice-Chancellors

The following persons were nominated by the Vice-Chancellor to be his deputies for the year 2011–12 and were admitted to office:

Dr S J Goss, MA DPhil Oxf, Fellow of Wadham

Professor W S James, BSc Birm, MA DPhil Oxf, Fellow of Brasenose

Dr S Mapstone, MA DPhil Oxf, Fellow of St Hilda's

Professor J N P Rawlins, MA DPhil Oxf, Fellow of Wolfson

Professor I A Walmsley, BSc Lond, PhD Rochester, Fellow of St Hugh's

Professor R W Ainsworth, MA DPhil Oxf, Master of St Catherine's

Frances Cairncross, MA Brown, MA Oxf, Rector of Exeter

A Dilnot, MA Oxf, Principal of St Hugh's

Dr F Lannon, MA DPhil Oxf, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall

The Very Revd C A Lewis, MA DPhil Oxf, PhD Camb, Dean of Christ Church

Professor P Madden, MA Oxf, DPhil Sus, Provost of Queen’s

Sir Michael Scholar, MA PhD Camb, MA DPhil Oxf, President of St John's

The Revd R Waller, BD PhD Lond, MTh Nott, MA Oxf, Principal of Harris Manchester

3 Admission of Clerks of the Market

J Hackney, BCL MA Oxf, Emeritus Fellow of St Edmund Hall and Wadham, nominated by the Chancellor, and R C S Walker, BA McGill, MA DPhil Oxf, Fellow of Magdalen, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor, were admitted to office as Clerks of the Market for the year 2011–12.

Council of the University

Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Ball, G, Department of Biochemistry

Boon, J S, Finance Division

Bronowski, A C, Queen's

Butler, K A, St John's

Byrne, A N, Merton

Clarke, M D H, Keble

Gallaher, B D F, Regent's Park

Gill, D, Hertford

Himaz, F R S, Queen's

Jones, Sir Mark, St Cross

Karenowska, A D, Magdalen

Kennedy of the Shaws, Baroness Helena A, Mansfield

Mayr, E J M J, Queen's

Okten, E I, Pembroke

Patel, A, Faculty of Oriental Studies

Rahman, M, Centre for Tropical Medicine

Riley, P R, Jesus

Rossotti, H C, Magdalen

Russell, J, Magdalen

Sanders, T, St Hugh's

Schneider, F M, The Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism

Sofield, C M, Queen's

Sridhar, D L, Wolfson

Strathern, A L, Brasenose

Sud, N, Wolfson

Taylor, B, New College

Waddington, L T, Oxford University Computing Services

Wagensonner, K, Faculty of Oriental Studies

West, S C, Magdalen

Zahl, S M, St John's