Examinations and Boards

  • Thursday 28 June 2012
  • NO. 4995
  • VOL. 142

Changes to Examination Regulations

For the complete text of each regulation listed below and a listing of all changes to regulations for this year to date, please see www.ox.ac.uk/gazette/examinationregulations.

Humanities Board

28-06-12 MPhil in Celtic Studies (17kb)

to include additional prescribed texts erroneously left out of the current Examination Regulations



the following subject will now be available for examination in Trinity term 2013: French Literature and Modern War (2022), method of assessment C(3)

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board

28-06-12 MSc in Computer Science (20kb)

to simplify and clarify what is required to pass the Trinity term hurdle, what constitutes failure of that hurdle and what the consequences are, and what requirements a candidate has to meet in order to resit the examination

28-06-12 Final Honour School in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (15kb)

change of title and rubric of paper 219

28-06-12 Preliminary Examination in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (22kb)

to rewrite the rubric of the 'Introduction to Politics' paper to clarify expectations

Social Sciences Board

 28-06-12 MSc in Migration Studies (15kb)

change to the title of paper II, reflecting improvements to the conceptual framework/coherence of the course