Notifications of Prizes, Grants and Funding

  • Thursday 27 October 2011
  • NO. 4967
  • VOL. 142

Please refer to the website, or contact the email address shown, for further details of the awards below.

Students of the University should refer to the Student Funding website for advice on fees and funding at

St John's College, Cambridge

St John's College, Cambridge; fully funded scholarships for 2012–13: Benefactors' Scholarships for Research, Craik Scholarship, J C Hall Scholarship, Paskin Scholarship, Pelling Scholarship;

St John's College, Cambridge; Luisa Aldobrandini Studentship; for students from one of the universities of Rome; university and college fees and maintenance grant of at least £10,500 p.a.; up to maximum of three years; 1 May 2012;