• Thursday 26 January 2012
    • NO. 4976
    • VOL. 142


    Humanitas Visiting Professorship in Interfaith Studies

    The following lectures and symposium will take place in Talbot Hall, Lady Margaret Hall. The lectures will take place at 5 pm and the symposium at 4.30 pm. They are free and open to all; however, booking is required. For information and registration, see: www.humanities.ox.ac.uk/events/humanitas.

    Making space: a Jewish theology of the other


     Lord Sacks, the Chief Rabbi

    13 Feb.: 'After Babel: a Jewish theology of interfaith'

    14 Feb.: 'Truth and translatability'

    15 Feb.: 'The face of the Other: the curious nature of biblical narrative'


    The following symposium will take place on 16 February (with drinks reception from 4 pm). Speakers: Lord Sacks, Professor Janet Soskice, Cambridge, Professor Abdou Filali-Ansari, Aga Khan, and Professor Guy Stroumsa.

    Subject: 'Making space (does the Judaic model make sense in Christianity and Islam?)'

    Weidenfeld Lectures in  European Comparative Literature

    Ali Smith, writer, has been appointed as the next Weidenfeld Chair in  European Comparative Literature.  She will deliver a series of lectures at 5.30 pm on Tuesdays in the Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre, St Anne's. The lectures are free and open to all.

    31 Jan.: 'On time'

    7 Feb.: 'On form'

    14 Feb.: 'On edge'

    21 Feb.: 'On offer and on reflection'

    Medieval and Modern Languages


    Dr Chris Danta, New South Wales, Sydney, will lecture at 5 pm on 10 February in New Seminar Room A, Wadham. Hosted by the Oxford Kafka Research Centre.

    Subject: 'Animal bachelors and animal brides: fabulous metamorphosis in Kafka and Garnett'

    Italian Graduate Seminars

    The following seminars will be given at 5 pm on Mondays of even weeks in the Taylor Institution, room 10b.

    Paolo De Ventura, Birmingham

    6 Feb.: 'Dante and performance'

    Giorgio Bertone, Genova

    20 Feb.: 'Lettura di Finisterre di Eugenio Montale'

    Giuliana Pieri, Royal Holloway

    5 Mar.: 'Camilleri's Sicily: language, history and identity'

    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

    Department of Earth Sciences

    Departmental seminar series

    The following seminars will be given at 4 pm on Fridays in the Seminar Room, Department of Earth Sciences, South Parks Road.

    Dr Nicky White, Cambridge

    27 Jan.: 'The existence and significance of ancient buried landscapes'

    Dr Stephane Labrosse, Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon

    3 Feb.: 'Melt in the deep mantle and the thermal evolution of the Earth'

    Professor Carl Wunsch, MIT

    10 Feb.: 'Predicting the ocean circulation'

    Dr Marian Holness, Cambridge

    17 Feb.: 'Microstructures in mafic rocks: decoding the record of solidification'

    Professor Robert Hall, Royal Holloway

    24 Feb.: 'Subduction, extension and mountain building in Eastern Indonesia'

    Dr Jenny Collier, Imperial

    2 Mar.: 'Acoustic imaging of catastrophic flood terrains in the English Channel: how Britain became an island'

    Professor Martin Mai, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

    9 Mar.: tbc

    Department of Physics

    Particles and Fields Seminars

    The following seminars will be given on Thursdays at 4.15 pm in the Dennis Sciama Lecture Theatre, Department of Physics. Conveners: Professor Subir Sarkar and Dr Stefan Zohren.

    Dr Carlos Nunez, Swansea

    26 Jan.: 'The duality between gauge fields and strings'

    2 Feb.: tbc

    9 Feb.: tbc

    16 Feb.: tbc

    Professor Mairi Sakellariadou, KCL

    23 Feb.: 'Cosmology and the noncommutative approach to the Standard Model'

    Dr Martin Schvellinger, CONICET La Plata

    1 Mar.: 'Electrical conductivity and photoemission from SYM plasmas at finite coupling'

    Professor Slava Rychkov, ENS Paris (tbc)

    8 Mar.: 'EWSB on the eve of Higgs exclusion/discovery'

    Social Sciences

    Israel and the Changing Middle East Conference

    A conference will be held on Sunday, 12 February, 3–7 pm in the Saskatchewan Room, Exeter. Speakers include Professor Shai Feldman, Professor Sir Adam Roberts, Professor Shimon Shamir and Mr Bruce Clark. Convener: Peter Oppenheimer. For further details and to register: www.imec-oxford.co.uk.


    Saïd Business School

    The seminar that was to be given by Professor Erik Jones on 30 January has been cancelled.

    Department of Economics in conjunction with the Departments of Primary Care and Public Health

    Centre for Health Service Economics and Organisation (CHSEO)

    Health policy seminar series

    The following seminars are intended for a multi-disciplinary group of attendees, and will be given at 4.30 pm on Wednesdays in the Large Lecture Room, Nuffield, except on 15 February when it will be in the Butler Room, Nuffield.  Refreshments will be served from 4 pm. Convener: Doctor Barry McCormick.

    Dr Barry McCormick and Peter-Sam Hill, CHSEO

    8 Feb.: 'Single handed GPs and quality of care: evidence from a new approach'

    Professor James Malcomson

    15 Feb.: 'The findings of the OHE Commission on the competition in the NHS'

    Professor Nancy Devlin, Office of Health Economics

    22 Feb.: 'Getting the most out of PROMS: putting health outcomes at the heart of NHS decision-making'

    Professor Michael Goldacre

    7 Mar.: 'Hospital activity and patient outcomes: some lessons from record linkage'

    Professor Martin Roland, Cambridge

    21 Mar.: 'Financial incentives in hospitals: learning from QOF'

    Department of International Development

    Oxford Diasporas Programme

    William Safran, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Colorado-Boulder, will lecture 4.30–6 pm on 16 February at the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, 64 Banbury Road. Public lecture but registration essential: email ann.cowie@qeh.ox.ac.uk.

    Subject: 'Identity politics in France: the current debate and the place of diaspora'

    Institutes, Centres and Museums

    Centre for Socio-Legal Studies

    Oxford Privacy, Information, Law and Society (OxPILS) seminar

    The following seminars will be given at 4.30 pm in the Master's Dining Room, Balliol. Refreshments will be provided afterwards.

    Professor Charles Raab, Edinburgh

    2 Feb.: 'Regulating surveillance: extending the scope of Privacy Impact Assessment'

    Dr David Erdos, Katzenbach Research Fellow

    7 Mar.: 'Reconciling "journalism" and data protection – the European framework'

    Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy Seminar Series

    The following seminars will be given at 5 pm on Wednesdays in Seminar Room D, Social Science Building, Manor Road. Convener: Dr I Gagliardone.

    Dr Vincenzo Cavallo, Cultural Video Foundation, Nairobi

    1 Feb.: 'The eParticipation ecology of Kenya'

    Professor Ben O'Loughlin, Royal Holloway

    8 Feb: 'The conditions of strategic narrative effectiveness: infrastructure, intention, experience'

    Professor Gary Rawnsley, Leeds

    15 Feb:  'China's international outreach: soft power and the soft use of power'

    Professor Marie Gillespie, Open

    22 Feb: 'Broadcasting the state: tribe, citizenship and the politics of radio drama in Afghanistan'

    Dr John Postill, Sheffield Hallam

    29 Feb: 'An anthropological analysis of the use of the media for political mobilisation'

    Colleges, Halls and Societies

    St Antony's

    Dahrendorf Programme for the Study of Freedom: Free Speech Debate Project

    Irshad Manji, New York; author, will lecture at 5 pm on 7 March in the European Studies Centre Seminar Room. Chair: Timothy Garton Ash.

    Subject: 'How should we (not) talk about Islam'

    Rebecca MacKinnon, New America Foundation, discusses her new book with Timothy Garton Ash at 5 pm on 8 March in the Nissan Lecture Theatre.

    Subject: 'Consent of the networked: the worldwide struggle for internet freedom'