Examinations and Boards

  • Thursday 21 June 2012
  • NO. 4994
  • VOL. 142

Changes to Examination Regulations

For the complete text of each regulation listed below and a listing of all changes to regulations for this year to date, please see www.ox.ac.uk/gazette/examinationregulations.

Planning and Resource Allocation Committee of Council

21-06-12 Remit of the Fees Panel (16kb)

a) to make reference to the Fees Panel's broadened remit re financial support decisions for Home/EU students
b) to include reference to the Fees Panel's role re charging deposits
c) to include reference to the Fees Panel's role re the University continuation charge

21-06-12 Student Funding Regulations (28kb)

to update references

21-06-12 Fees payable in relation to examinations and related matters 2012-13 (39kb)

to update the level of fees payable in 2012–13 for entry and re-entry for examinations, leave to supplicate and resubmission of a thesis, and registration for a programme of study

21-06-12 Maximum fee liability for DPhil (16kb)

to remove an error