• Thursday 20 October 2011
    • NO. 4966
    • VOL. 142

    Romanes Lecture

    Professor Lord Rees of Ludlow, Astronomer Royal; President of the Royal Society (2005–10); Master, Trinity College, and Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics, Cambridge, will deliver the Romanes Lecture at 5.45 pm on 2 November at the Sheldonian Theatre. No tickets required; places available on a first-come, first-served basis. See: www.ox.ac.uk/romanes.

    Subject: 'The limits of science'


    Faculty of History

    Harmsworth Lecture - postponed

    Professor Philip Morgan, Harmsworth Visiting Professor of American History, was scheduled to lecture on 8 November. This lecture has been postponed due to illness. Professor Morgan's lecture will be delivered during Hilary term 2012 at a date to be confirmed.

    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

    Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

    Mathematical Geoscience Seminars

    The following seminars will be held at 2.30 pm on Fridays in Seminar Room 3, Dartington House, Little Clarendon St. For details, see www.maths.ox.ac.uk/groups/mathematical-geoscience.

    Professor Carl Wunsch, MIT

        21 Oct.: 'The timescales of the ocean circulation and climate'

    Dr Frank Kwasniok, Exeter

    4 Nov.: 'Data-based stochastic subgrid-scale parametrisation: an approach using cluster-weighted modelling'

    Dr Simon Holgate, Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level, National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool

    18 Nov.: 'Insights into the mechanisms of regional sea level variability from wind stress and heat content'

    Professor Andrew Fowler, Limerick

    2 Dec.: 'The role of carbon in past and future climate'

    Department of Materials

    Weekly colloquia

    The following colloquia will be given at 4 pm on Thursdays in the Hume Rothery Lecture Theatre preceded by tea at 3.30 pm.

    Professor Andras Kis, EPFL, Switzerland

    3 Nov.: 'Semiconducting alternative to grapheme: single layer MoS2'

    Professor Michael Payne, Cambridge

    10 Nov.: 'The role of quantum mechanical calculations in materials science'

    Dr Ian Farnan, Cambridge

    17 Nov.: 'Quantification of radiation damage in ceramics'

    Professor Yang Hao, London

    24 Nov.: 'Metamaterials and invisibility cloak: what material researchers can offer?'

    Professor M Saiful Islam, Bath

    1 Dec.: 'From fuel cells to lithium batteries: atomic-scale insights into defects and diffusion in oxide'  

    Medical Sciences

    Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism

    The seminar listed for the following date has been changed. The new information appears below.  

    Professor Naveed Sattar, Glasgow, will lecture at 1 pm on 30 November in the Robert Turner Lecture Theatre, OCDEM Building, Churchill Hospital. Convener: Professor Stephen Gough.

    Subject: 'Novel biomarkers for T2DM and its complications'

    Department of Pharmacology

    Pharmacology, Anatomical Neuropharmacology and Drug Discovery seminars

    The following seminars will be given at noon on Tuesdays, except where noted, in the Lecture Theatre, Department of Pharmacology, Mansfield Road.

    Dr Kirill Volynski, UCL

    25 Oct.: 'Variable presynaptic calcium influx determines heterogeneity of release probability among small central synapses.' Host: Professor Nigel Emptage.

    Dr Peter Oliver

    1 Nov.: 'Investigating the role of SNAP-25 in complex behaviour – from schizophrenia to circadian rhythms.' Host: Dr Peter Magill.

    Professor Tamas Bartfai, Scripps Research Institute

    4.30 pm, Thurs., 3 Nov.: 'The GAP between medical need and choices of drug discovery projects by industry.' Host: Professor Antony Galione.

    Dr Sofia Araujo, Institut de Recerca Biomedica de Barcelona

    8 Nov.: 'Common mechanisms underlying axonal guidance and trachea formation in Drosophila.' Host: Dr John Parrington.

    Dr Lora Heisler, Cambridge

    15 Nov.: 'Targeting brain serotonin receptors for the treatment of obesity.' Host: Professor Trevor Sharp

    Dr Paolo Tammaro, Manchester

    22 Nov.: 'Vascular TMEM16/anoctamin channels: towards an understanding of their structure, function and pharmacology.' Host: Professor Chris Garland.

    Professor Kate Lambertsen, Southern Denmark

    29 Nov.: 'Protective neuroinflammation in ischemic-induced neurodegeneration.' Host: Dr Daniel Anthony.

    Institutes, Centres and Museums

    Botanic Garden

    Science lecture series: Plant genetics for a sustainable future

    The following lectures will be given at 8 pm on Mondays in Daubeny Lecture Theatre at the front of the Botanic Garden.

    Professor Rob Edwards

    7 Nov.: 'Plants in a chemical world'

    Tina Barsby

    14 Nov.: 'GM crops – where do we go from here?'

    International year of forests lecture

    Tony Kirkham will deliver the International year of forests lecture at 8 pm on 24 November at the Saïd Business School. Tickets £12.

    Subject: 'Trees - a cut above the rest'

    Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies

    London lecture

    David Pritzker will deliver the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies lecture as part of Asian Art in London. The lecture takes place at 6 pm on 7 November in the Society of Antiquaries of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BE.

    Subject: 'The visual culture of the Tibetan Imperial Period (7th – 9th century)'

    Lecture series

    The following lectures will be given at 5.30 pm on Mondays in lecture room XXIII at Balliol.

    Dr Stephen Berkwitz

    24 Oct.: 'Moralism and colonialism in Sinhala Buddhist poetry'

    Dr Yu-Shuang Yao

    14 Nov.: 'The essence and appeal of engaged Buddhism in contemporary Taiwan'

    Bruno Galasek

    21 Nov.: 'Narrative transmission in the Suttas of the Majjhima Nikāya'

    Professor John Taber

    28 Nov.: 'Dharmakīrti and the Mīmāṃsakas in conflict'

    Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

    European Seminar on Advanced Jewish Studies: Old Yiddish: old texts, new contexts

    The following seminars will be given at 2 pm on Thursdays in the Radcliffe Science Library. Conveners: Professor Simon Neuberg and Dr Zehavit Stern.

    Dr Claudia Rosenzweig, Bar Ilan

    27 Oct.: 'Rhymes to sing and rhymes to hang up. Preparing a new edition of two lampoons by Elye Bokher'

    Professor Chava Turniansky, Hebrew University

    3 Nov.: 'Between Yiddish and Hebrew: describing daily life and current events in the early modern period'

    Professor Erika Timm, Trier

    17 Nov.: 'The text on the Cologne slate tablet 596-10' (This paper will be in German)

    Professor Simon Neuberg, Trier

    24 Nov.: 'Components of western Yiddish literature. The shorter genres' (Part 2)

    Dr Diana Matut, Halle-Wittenberg                       

    1 Dec.: ' "Ashkenaz un' Polak": Yiddish sources on a complex relationship in early modern times'

    Hebrew and Jewish Studies Unit

    David Patterson seminars

    The following seminars will be given at 8 pm on Wednesdays at Yarnton Manor. Convener: Dr Alison Salvesen.

    Professor Siegbert Prawer   

    26 Oct.:  'Moyshe Kulbak's Byronic pilgrimage: the creation of a Yiddish masterpiece'  

    Dr Daniel Falk, Oregon  

    2 Nov.: 'Penitence and supplication in 4 Ezra' 

    Professor Shlomo Berger, Amsterdam   

    9 Nov.: 'Between Amsterdam and Prague: on Information on the Jews of Cochin'  

    Dr Miriam Wagner, Cambridge   

    16 Nov.:  'Regressed, corrupt, hypo-correct? The origin and evolution of Judaeo-Arabic'   

    Professor Chava Turniansky, Hebrew University     

    23 Nov.: 'A woman's life: the memoirs of Glikl Hamel (1645–1724)' 

    Dr Zehavit Stern   

    30 Nov.: 'The (re)birth of the Purim-shpil from the spirit of Russian avant-garde: Moyshe Broderzon and the Jewish Pierrot'

    Colleges and Halls

    Mansfield College

    Topical symposia

    The following seminars will be given at 9 pm on Wednesdays in Mansfield College, Main Building Room I. Open to the public and all welcome.

    Gerald Moule

    26 Oct.: 'Coping with national crises: responding to events like riots, massacres and natural disasters'

    Siobhan Fraser, icon painter

    2 Nov.: 'The art of iconography'

    Andrew Rhodes

    9 Nov.:  'Disability rights in theory and practice'

    Helena Kennedy

    16 Nov.: 'Human rights in our modern world'

    Michael Enright

    23 Nov.: 'Time delays in central banking, Part II: How different countries used monetary policy during the financial crisis of 2008'