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  • Thursday 19 January 2012
  • NO. 4975
  • VOL. 142


St Stephen’s House

Honorary Research Fellowships

John Chesworth, BA Brist, BEd Durh, MA PhD Birm (re-election to 2014)

Andrew Linzey, BD PhD Lond, MA Oxf, DD Lambeth, DD (Hon) Winchester (re-election to 2014)

Nigel Fancourt, MA MSt Oxf, PhD Warw, PGCE Oxf Brookes (to 2014)

Visiting Fellowship Nominations


Exeter College Visiting Fellowship 2012/13

Members of Congregation are invited to nominate visitors to the University for election to the Fellowship and to invite their nominee(s) to apply direct to the College. Nominations and applications should be sent to the Academic Administrator, Exeter College, Oxford OX1 3DP, by 24 February. Applications, which may be emailed to, should include a CV and brief outline of the research the applicant will be undertaking in Oxford. Further details are available at