• Thursday 17 November 2011
  • NO. 4970
  • VOL. 142

Contested Election

Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies

One ordinary member elected by all members of the faculty, exclusive of the persons qualified to be official members as per Regulation 19.7:

Current/Retiring Member
To hold office until
Professor W L Treadwell, St Cross MT 2012

The following nominations have been received:

R G Hoyland, MA DPhil Oxf, Fellow of St Cross

Nominated by:

I Bangha, Wolfson

L J N Mignon, St Antony's

N Sinai, Pembroke

D G K Taylor, Wolfson

[No candidate statement received.]

Dirk Meyer, MA PhD Leiden, Fellow of Queen's

Nominated by:

P B Ditmanson, Pembroke

M Hillenbrand, Wadham

S-Y Kan, Wadham

Y Song, Faculty of Oriental Studies

Candidate statement:

Chinese is currently represented by only one ordinary member of the Faculty Board in Oriental Studies, despite the size and importance of this subject group and the very large number of students for whom it is responsible. Our sole member on the board is also on leave at present, leaving the group with still less of a presence on the most important decision-making body of the Faculty. This under-representation is particularly regrettable given that the subject group has been without a professor since 2009 during what is a critical time for the development of Chinese Studies within the University. My nomination has been proposed as a means of providing some minimal rectification of this anomaly. I hope that my presence on the Board will assist the Board in their discussions pertaining to Chinese and the East Asian sub-faculty generally, whilst also helping the Chinese subject group to understand and implement Board decisions. As a reasonably new member of the Faculty who has come from a very different academic system, I am also very keen to gain as much understanding as possible of the administrative workings of the Faculty and the Division.

General notes:

Ballot papers were sent out by 7 November to those eligible to vote in the contested election. Completed ballot papers must be received by the Elections Office not later than 4 pm on 24 November.

For further information, please contact the Elections Officer (shirley.stacey@admin.ox.ac.uk).