Notifications of Vacancies

  • Thursday 12 January 2012
  • NO. 4974
  • VOL. 142

Please refer to the website, or contact the email address shown, for further details of the vacancy. For a full list of vacancies in the university and colleges, see

The university is committed to equality and valuing diversity.

University of Oxford

Faculty of Music; Assistant Manager, Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (; £29,099–£30,870 (pro rata); 20 January;

Colleges, Halls and Societies

Corpus Christi; SCR Butler c.£25,000; 23 January;

Exeter; Bennett Boskey Career Development Fellowship in International Relations; £29,099–£35,788 including housing allowance (college accommodation may be available); noon, 1 February;

Exeter; part-time Archivist; £25,854–£30,870 pro rata for one day per week; noon, 23 January;

Hertford and the Faculty of History; Tutorial Fellowship in Early Modern History with Titular University Lectureship (CUF); £42,563–£57,201; 27 January;

Kellogg; Domestic Bursar; noon, 16 January;

Magdalen; Human Resources Adviser; £36,862–£48,096; 23 January;

Merton; Finance Bursar; 2 February;

New College; Research Officer, Development Office; £25,854–£30,870; 20 January;

New College; IT Services Director;

St Anne's; Academic Administrator and Registrar; c.£35,000; 23 January;

St Catherine's; Tutorial Fellowship and University Lecturership (CUF) in Law; 24 January;

St Hugh's; Administrative Officer; £21,000–£27,000; 16 January;

St Hugh's; Winkler Career Development Fellowship in Experimental Psychology; £29,099; 16 January;

St John's; Supernumerary Teaching Fellowship in Philosophy; £25,854–£33,734; 27 January;

St John's; Supernumerary Teaching Fellowship in Psychology; £25,854–£33,734; 27 January;

Somerville; Lodge Manager; £26,111; 20 January;

University College; applications invited from academic-related (research) post-holders (RSIVs) for college associations; 27 January;

University College; Research and Database Officer; £22,971–£27,428 plus benefits; 23 January;

University College; Communications Officer (part-time); £29,099–£35,788 plus benefits; 23 January;

Wadham College and the Faculty of Law; Official Fellow and Tutor in Law in association with a Titular University Lecturership (CUF) in Law; £42,733–£57,431; 23 January;

Wadham College; fixed-term Fellowship by Special Election in Law; £25,852; 23 January;

Wolfson; stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship 2012 (Risk and Resilience: Youth in a Changing World); 4 pm, 10 February;

Wolfson; Creative Arts Fellowship in Music; 4 pm, 10 February;

Wolfson; 3-year non-stipendiary Research Fellowships in Humanities and Social Studies 2012; 4 pm, 2 March;

External Vacancies

Rhodes Trust; Development Associate; competitive salary; 23 January; or

University of Cambridge; Professorship of  Education; 2 February;

University of Cambridge; Professorship of  Paediatrics; 6 February;

University of Cambridge; Professorship of  Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine; 2 February;

University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law; Hogan Lovells University Lecturer in Corporate Law; £36,862–£46,696; 3 February;

Darwin College, Cambridge; Schlumberger Research Fellowship; 16 January; or

Darwin College, Cambridge; non-stipendiary Research Fellowships; 16 January; or

Darwin College, Cambridge; Adrian Research Fellowship in International Politics; 6 February; or

Darwin College, Cambridge; Microsoft Research Fellowship; 17 February; or

Wolfson College, Cambridge; 5-year College Teaching Officer in Law; £26,629–£29,972 plus stipend; 30 January;

Wolfson College, Cambridge; 3-year Henslow Research Fellowship; £26,629 post-PhD, £23,661 pre-PhD; 20 February;