• Thursday 5 May 2011
  • NO. 4951
  • VOL. 141

Consultative notices

Worcester College: revised statutes

The Committee on Statutes before the Privy Council, acting under authority delegated to it by Council, is minded to give consent on behalf of the University to the amendment of the statutes of Worcester College, approved by the Governing Body on 26 January 2011, in so far as such consent is required by Section 7(2) of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1923. The consent of the committee to the amendment of the statutes will be effective eleven days after publication of this notice unless written notice of a resolution, signed by at least twenty members of Congregation calling upon Council to withhold that consent, has been given to the Registrar by noon on Monday, 16 May.

The main objective of the changes is to update the 1966 statutes (including the introduction of gender-neutral language) without altering their basic structure. It has also been necessary to address two substantial issues which are consequential on the need for the college to register with the Charity Commission. These are the objects of the college and arrangements for paying fellows as trustees.

Review of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

The Joint Committee for the Coordination of the Recognised Independent Centres has responsibility for overseeing the operation of agreements the University has with each Recognised Independent Centre. As part of an ongoing process in which each Centre is to be reviewed in turn over a period of years, the Committee is to conduct a review of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies during Trinity term. The review will focus on issues covered by the agreement. The standard form of the agreement is available on request from the Secretary to the Joint Committee, Dr Michael Redley, Education Policy Support Section, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (email:

The Joint Committee would welcome for its review written comments on any matters falling within the terms of the agreement. Written comments should be sent to the Secretary to the Joint Committee, Dr Michael Redley, by no later than 31 May 2011.

General notices

CLAROS launch

The University of Oxford is proud to announce the launch of CLAROS. Please see the 'Lectures' section below for details of the launch event.

CLAROS developed from discussions between European university research centres held in Oxford in 2000, but the concept dates back to the early 1990s, when the Beazley Archive participated in the EU R&D project RAMA (Remote Access to Museum Archives). CLAROS is using Semantic Web data integration technologies and state-of-the art image recognition algorithms to bring classical art to anyone, any time, anywhere.  This is made possible thanks to a grant from the University of Oxford's Fell Fund and to collaboration with the OeRC, Image Bioinformatics Research Group (Department of Zoology), Visual Geometry Group (Department of Engineering Science), and Beazley Archive (Faculty of Classics).

Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge


The Master of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, Sir Christopher Hum, has announced his intention to retire in September 2012. Fellows of the College would welcome any early expressions of interest from men and women who feel they may be suitably qualified for the Mastership.  Suggestions of the names of persons who might be qualified would also be welcome.  The College is a self-governing academic institution, governed by the Fellows through the College Council and the General Meetings, and presided over by the Master. Contact The President, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge CB2 1TA, or email; for general college information see

Oxford University Pocket Diary 2010–11

Corrigendum: The short matriculation ceremonies in Trinity term 2011 and Michaelmas term 2011 have each been erroneously listed twice in the Pocket Diary for 2010–11. Please note that the correct dates for the short matriculation ceremonies are as follows:

  • Trinity term 2011: Thursday, 23 June
  • Michaelmas term 2011: Thursday, 1 December.

The correct date for Michaelmas term 2011 will be included in the Pocket Diary for 2011–12, which is currently being compiled.


Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division


Professor Kevin Foster, MA Camb, PhD Sheffield. Fellow of Magdalen College. University Lecturer in Evolutionary Biology from 1 January 2011 until 31 December 2015. Awarded the title of Professor of Evolutionary Biology.

Professor Helen Byrne, MA Camb, MSc DPhil Oxf. Fellow-elect of Keble College. University Lecturer in Computational Biology from 1 May 2011 until 30 April 2016. Awarded the title of Professor of Computational Biology.

Dr Hongseok Yang, BSc Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, PhD Illinois, Fellow-elect of Worcester College. University Lecturer in Computing Science Programming Languages from 1 May 2011 until 30 April 2016.

Professor Arnaud Doucet, MSc Telecom Sud-Paris, PhD Paris. Fellow-elect of Jesus College. University Lecturer in Statistics from 1 August 2011 until 31 July 2013. Awarded the title of Professor of Statistics.


Dr Martin Castell, University Lecturer in Materials (Processing on the Nanoscale), from 1 October 2010 to the retiring age.

Professor Angus Kirkland, University Lecturer in Materials (Microscopy Image Analysis), from 1 October 2010 to the retiring age.

Dr Axel Kuhn, University Lecturer in Experimental Quantum Physics, from 27 March 2011 to the retiring age.

Dr Mark Thompson, University Lecturer in Orthopaedic Biomechanics, from 1 September 2011 to the retiring age.

Musical Events

Mansfield College Chapel

Lunchtime Recital

Bethany Whalley (clarinet); Melanie Jones (piano): Brahms's Clarinet Sonata in E flat.

1.30-1.55 p.m., 11 May.

St Hilda's

Lunchtime Concert Series

The following 30-minute concerts will take place in the Jacqueline du Pré music building at 1.15 p.m. on Thursdays. For more details please see Admission is free and all are welcome.

5 May: Schumann First Piano Trio in D minor

12 May: Music for Violin and Piano by Beethoven, Lutoslawski and Wieniawski

19 May: Music for Oboe and Cello by Colin, Dorati and Shostakovich

26 May: Music for Wind Octet by Mozart and Schubert

2 June: Chamber music by Debussy and Schoenberg

9 June: Music for Soprano and Piano by Purcell, Mozart, Brahms and Debussy

16 June: Music for Flute and Piano by Krystof Zgraja, Bartók, Offermans and Jolivet

St John's

Kendrew Chamber Music Recital Series

Tara O'Connor, flute; Daniel Phillips, violin; Caroline Wolff, viola; Colin Carr, cello. Pieces by Haydn, Takemitsu, Beethoven, Villa Lobos, Ysaye and Mozart.

At St John's College Auditorium, 8.30 p.m., Wednesday, 11 May. Tickets, which are free of charge, are available from St John's Lodge.