Notifications of Vacancies

  • Thursday 26 May 2011
  • NO. 4954
  • VOL. 141

Please refer to the website, or contact the email address shown, for further details of the vacancy. For a full list of vacancies in the University and colleges, see

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University of Oxford

Computing Laboratory; Professorship of Informatics; 20 June;

Colleges, Halls and Societies

Christ Church; fixed-term 6-hour stipendiary Lecturership in English (1832–present); £12,185–£13,714 p.a.; 3 June;

Christ Church; fixed-term stipendiary Lecturership in French (19th and 20th centuries); £20,310 p.a.; 3 June;

Keble; Junior Dean; £1,607 p.a. (rising in the second year); noon, 10 June;

Lady Margaret Hall; 6-hour stipendiary Lecturership in Economics; £12,185–£13,714; 10 June;

Lady Margaret Hall; 8-hour stipendiary Lecturership in Philosophy; £16,247–£18,285; 15 June;

Lady Margaret Hall; 6-hour stipendiary Lecturership in English; £12,185–£13,714; 20 June;

Lady Margaret Hall; 2-hour stipendiary Lecturership in English; £4,062–£4,571; 20 June;

Magdalen; 6-month fixed-term stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics; £12,185–£12,927 p.a. pro rata; 14 June;

Magdalen; 8-hour stipendiary Lecturer in Politics; £24,370–£25,854 p.a.; 14 June;

Merton; non-stipendiary Research Fellowship/Research Convenor; stipend of £2,896; 15 June;

St Anne's; 6-hour stipendiary Lecturer in History; £12,185–£12,551 p.a.; 13 June;

St Edmund Hall; Development Administrator; £19,822–£22,971; 2 June;

St Hilda's; Assistant Junior Dean; noon, 9 June;

Somerville and Trinity; 6-hour stipendiary Lecturer in Ancient History; £12,185; 7 June;

University College; Academic Registrar; £29,099–£35,788 p.a. plus additional benefits; 17 June;

University College; stipendiary Lecturership in International Relations and/or Comparative Politics; 17 June;

University College; Radcliffe Travelling Fellowships; £47,448 p.a. plus additional benefits; 27 June;

Wolfson; Weinrebe Fellow in Life-Writing (stipendiary Research Fellow with administrative responsibilities); £29,099–£35,788; 20 June;

Worcester;  1-year 6-hour stipendiary Lecturer in Law  (Constitutional and EU Law); £12,185–£13,714 p.a.; noon, 15 June; (Notices section)