• Thursday 26 May 2011
  • NO. 4954
  • VOL. 141

General notices


Sheldonian Theatre

At the Encaenia to be held in the Sheldonian Theatre on Wednesday, 29 June, the Curators of the Theatre propose to allot seats as follows, and subject to availability, to those who apply for tickets:

(a) one visitor's ticket each to Heads of Houses, Canons of Christ Church, members of Council, and certain other persons holding official positions in the University;

(b) one visitor's ticket to each Professor;

(c) one ticket to each member of Convocation (i.e. any matriculated member of the University on whom any degree of the University has been conferred, or any member of Congregation who does not hold such a degree).

Applications for tickets in the above categories, stating the name and standing of each person for whom a ticket is requested, should be made not later than Wednesday, 15 June, to the University Card Office, Examination Schools (email: For security reasons, all requests for tickets must state the names of the persons for whom the tickets are intended.

Tickets for all other members of the University (i.e. those who have not been admitted to any degree of the University) will be distributed through college authorities. All applications for tickets in this category should be made to the college authorities and not to the University Card Office.

The gates and entrances to the Theatre will be opened at 10.45 a.m. and the proceedings will begin at 11.30 a.m. Holders of tickets are requested to be in their places inside the Theatre by 11.15 a.m.

All current members of the University are required to wear subfusc and full academic dress. Doctors will wear their robes and other graduates their hoods.


Social Sciences

Professorship of Economics

Christopher Mark Armstrong, BA Camb, MPhil DPhil Oxf, Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, UCL and Director, ELSE Research Centre, has been appointed to the Professorship of Economics in the Department of Economics with effect from 1 September 2011.

Professor Armstrong will be a fellow of All Souls.

Stanley Lewis Professorship of Israel Studies

Derek Jonathan Penslar, BA Stanford, MA PhD California at Berkeley, Samuel J. Zacks Professor of Jewish History and Associate Chair of the Department of History, University of Toronto, has been appointed to the Stanley Lewis Professorship of Israel Studies in the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies with effect from 1 October 2012.

Professor Penslar will be a fellow of St Anne's.

Musical Events

New College Organ Recitals

Sat., 4 June, 8 p.m.

Steven Grahl, Assistant Organist in New College, will play works by J. S. Bach, Mozart and Alain.  Everyone is welcome (there is no charge).  See: (events).