• Thursday 24 March 2011
  • NO. 4949
  • VOL. 141

Congregation 10 May10 May

2 p.m.

The further consideration of issues arising from the new funding and support arrangements for home/EU undergraduates from 2012/13: Topic for Discussion

A Congregation Discussion will be held at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, 10 May, in the Sheldonian Theatre. The topic will be the further consideration of issues arising from the new funding and support arrangements for home/EU undergraduates from 2012/13, in light of the decisions taken by Council on 14 March (see Gazette No. 4948, 17 March 2011, p. 515 for more information). The topic of the Discussion is cast in deliberately broad terms to allow members of Congregation to express their views on the range of issues that fall under this head. However, Congregation is invited in particular to consider how access and outreach work across the collegiate University might best be co-ordinated; how to reach and explain to potential students and their families the consequences of the new arrangements; the nature of the support to be provided to students on course from 2012; how to engage the donor community effectively; and what the aims of Oxford's access and outreach activities beyond 2012/13 might be. Prefatory remarks will be made by senior officers to explain, inter alia, the implications of the new arrangements and to highlight the issues that Oxford will need to address in the longer term.

Further information to facilitate the Discussion, including a summary of the Access Agreement as submitted to OFFA, will be provided on the Congregation website at in due course (it is understood that the Agreement itself will be published on the OFFA website by mid July 2011 once it has been approved by OFFA). In accordance with the regulation governing topics for discussion, no vote will be taken but Council will be required to give consideration to the remarks made.

Those wishing to speak in the Discussion will be expected to limit their contributions to five minutes. As the Discussion will close at 4.30 p.m., it may not be possible to call all those who wish to speak. If you wish to speak in the Discussion, you are asked to indicate this intention in advance by emailing It would be helpful if you also explain briefly (in no more than twenty-five words) what issues you wish to cover. Names of those who have indicated a wish to speak, together with the issues they wish to raise, will be published on the Congregation website ( as they are received. This sharing of information may be of use both to other speakers and to those considering attending; it will also be used to provide structure to the order in which speakers are called. Speakers are asked to provide their information as soon as possible, and by noon on Friday, 6 May, at the latest, if they wish to be scheduled to speak. If time permits, those who have not indicated in advance an intention to speak will still be free to do so. The Vice-Chancellor will also invite nominated representatives of the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) to speak.

It is intended that a transcript of the Discussion1 will be published in the Gazette on 19 May and, as soon as practicable after the Discussion, on the Congregation website ( As a result of time constraints, it will not be possible to check the report of the proceedings with individual speakers before publication. Speakers are therefore asked to provide their written texts, if available, to Mrs Ceri Benton, Council Secretariat, on the day of the Discussion, or to email them to her ( by 5 p.m. on 11 May.

Attendance at the Discussion is open to members of Congregation and to nominated representatives of OUSU as agreed in advance by the Vice-Chancellor. Admittance to the Theatre will be on the production of a valid University card and will be on a first-come, first-served basis (places will be reserved for scheduled speakers). The doors of the Sheldonian Theatre will open at 1.45 p.m. The wearing of gowns is optional on this occasion.

1The transcript may be edited for legal reasons.

Note on procedures in Congregation

¶ Business in Congregation is conducted in accordance with Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002 ( A printout of these regulations, or of any statute or other regulations, is available from the Council Secretariat on request. A member of Congregation seeking advice on questions relating to its procedures, other than elections, should contact Miss S. Cowburn at the University Offices, Wellington Square (telephone: (2)70193; email:; questions relating to elections should be directed to the Elections Officer, Ms S.L. Stacey (telephone: (2)80463, email: