• Thursday 23 September 2010
  • No. 4927
  • Vol 141

General Notices

Magdalen College: revised statutes

The Committee on Statutes before the Privy Council, acting under authority delegated to it by Council, is minded to give consent on behalf of the University to the revised Statutes of Magdalen College, approved by the Governing Body at meetings on 11 March 2009, 29 April 2009, 17 June 2009 and 16 June 2010, in so far as such consent is required by Section 7 (2) of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1923. The consent of the committee to the amendments to the Statutes will be effective 11 days after publication of this notice unless written notice of a resolution, signed by at least 20 members of Congregation, calling upon Council to withhold that consent, has been given to the Registrar by noon on Tuesday, 5 October.
The effects of the amendments are to update the existing statutes of the college to ensure compatibility with recent changes in the Law relating to Charities, including to make amended provision for the objects of the college, and to bring the existing statutes more fully in accord with present operative practice and accounting rules.