• Thursday 19 May 2011
  • NO. 4953
  • VOL. 141

Congregation7 June

2 p.m.

¶ Members of Congregation are reminded that any two members may, not later than noon on Monday, 30 May, give notice in writing to the Registrar that they intend to oppose the legislative proposal at 1 or either of the resolutions at 2 and 3 below (see the note on the conduct of business in Congregation below). If no such notice has been given, and unless Council has declared otherwise, the legislative proposal and the resolutions shall be carried, and the meeting may be cancelled.

1 Voting on Legislative Proposal: Statute XI: University Discipline

Explanatory Note

The following Legislative Proposal, submitted by Council under Part 2 of Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002 (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, Vol. 133, p. 161, as amended on 12 October 2004, 7 March 2006 and 14 October 2008 (Gazette, Vol. 135, p. 214; Vol. 137, p. 669; Vol. 139, pp. 4–8) and the changes in regulations on p. 596 of Gazette No. 4952, 12 May 2011, implement three of seven recommendations made by the Working Group to Review University Disciplinary Procedures, constituted to assess the University's disciplinary legislation and the operation of its disciplinary procedures following receipt of a report from the Office of the Independent Adjudicator. The recommendations have been endorsed by the Education Committee of Council. The amendments to Statute XI:

(i) establish that a case cannot be brought by the Proctors to the Student Disciplinary Panel more than six months after the date of the first interview without the permission of the chairman or vice-chairman of the Student Disciplinary Panel; and that it is within the discretion of the chairman or vice-chairman to allow a hearing to proceed where the Proctors establish good reasons for a delay beyond the six months; and

(ii) permit an external senior legally-qualified academic (i.e. from a University Law Faculty other than Oxford) to serve as a chairman of the Student Appeal Panel.

The opportunity has also been taken to remove an incorrect cross-reference.

WHEREAS it is expedient to amend Statute XI concerning University discipline, THE UNIVERSITY ENACTS AS FOLLOWS.

1. In Statute XI concerning University discipline (approved by Congregation on 16 June 2009 with effect from 1 October 2009, Gazette, Vol. 139, p. 1272, 18 June 2009), delete section 9 and substitute (new text underlined, deleted text scored through):

'9. (1) The function of the Student Disciplinary Panel shall be to hear and determine, in accordance with procedure set out in regulations made under section 20 of this statute, complaints allegations made to it by the Proctors that a student member has committed a breach of the provisions of section 2 or 3 of this statute, and appeals against decisions under sections 23 (2) and 36 (2) and 41 (4) of this statute.

(2) No complaint made by the Proctors shall be heard by the Student Disciplinary Panel more than six months after the date of the first interview unless the Chairman or Vice-Chairman sitting on that occasion decides at his or her discretion to allow the complaint to be heard on the grounds that there is good cause for the delay.'

2. Ibid., delete section 14 (1) and substitute:

'14. (1) The Student Appeal Panel shall consist of three persons appointed by the High Steward, who shall be external persons who hold a legal qualification and have are barristers or solicitors of at least eight years' standing or persons who have judicial experience or experience which makes them suitable for appointment and shall not be members of Congregation.'

3. This statute shall be effective from 1 October 2011.

2 Voting on Resolution authorising the use of space at the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter

Explanatory Note

On 24 March 2009, Congregation approved: (a) the allocation of the main infirmary building at the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter (ROQ) to the University Administration; and (b) the allocation of a site for Phases 1 and 2 of the construction of a new Humanities Centre.

It is now proposed that, in the short term, the main infirmary building be allocated for use by the Humanities Division. This will achieve two key aims: it will bring the main infirmary building into use, establishing an early presence on this prominent frontage of the ROQ, and will enable part of the Humanities Division to be co-located on the ROQ in advance of the completion of Phase 2 of the Humanities Centre.

The Humanities Centre Phase 1 will house the Faculties of English, History, Philosophy and Theology, as well as providing space for the Divisional Office and shared divisional research space in the planned 'Institute for Advanced Humanities Research'. It was originally envisaged that this Phase would be complete by 2012. However, in the current financial climate, the project has been delayed and the timetable for completion is now uncertain. This delay puts pressure on the Division's aspiration to centralise its facilities for research, graduates, and teaching, identified in its latest Five Year Strategic Plan as key to the ongoing improvement of teaching and research in the Humanities.

The main infirmary building is listed and is an important landmark for both the City and the University. The allocation approved on 24 March 2009 was recommended in order to provide an appropriate location for the senior officers of the University, essentially the 'front door' of the University. However, this is a medium- to long-term aim and the building is not currently in use. Both the ROQ Project Board and the Estates Directorate have expressed concern at the continued deterioration of the building, which arises in part from the absence of any occupant.

The main infirmary building has a gross internal area of 2,500 sq.m. from which a net usable area of 1,500 sq.m. is likely to be delivered. This will allow accommodation of the Divisional Office and of at least one of its Faculties and associated library facilities, and will free other premises for alternative uses or, in the case of rented buildings, for release. There will also be space in the infirmary building to house a range of graduate activity and some small group teaching. It will also make it possible to launch the Institute for Advanced Humanities Research. The refurbishment of this space for the Humanities Division would facilitate this longer-term use of the premises by the University Administration.

Text of Resolution

That the main infirmary building (approximately 1,500 sq.m. net usable area) be allocated to the Humanities Division from 1 August 2012 until the completion of Phase 1 of the new Humanities Centre to be constructed on that site, at which time the allocation would revert to the University Administration and Services.

3 Voting on Resolution

Text of Resolution

Congregation instructs Council to communicate to Government that the University of Oxford has no confidence in the policies of the Minister for Higher Education.

Proposed by:

Karma Nabulsi, St Edmund Hall
Michael Burden, Music
Rowan Tomlinson, New College
Tamson Pietsch, New College
Rosalind Temple, New College
Ann Jefferson, New College
R.C.T. Parker, New College
Jonathan Black, New College
Georgy Kantor, New College
C.R. Timmel, New College
Paolo Crivelli, New College
Ruth Harris, New College
Mark Griffith, New College
Antony Galione, Pharmacology
Martin Ceadel, New College
Caroline Thomas, New College
Rene Banares-Alcantara, Engineering Science
Oliver Pybus, New College
William Poole, New College
E.V. Flynn, New College
Stephen Williams, Worcester
Conrad Leyser, Worcester
Bob Harris, Worcester
Ian Maclachlan, Merton
Nikolaj Lübecker, St John's
Rebecca Armstrong, St Hilda's
Marine Roussillon, Worcester
Laura Ashe, Worcester
Emanuela Tandello, Christ Church
Tony Hunt, St Peter's
Kate Tunstall, Worcester
C. Bourne-Taylor, Brasenose
G. Bonsaver, Pembroke
Ruth Abbott, Worcester
Josephine Crawley Quinn, Worcester
Andrew Jardine, Worcester
John Eland, Worcester
Cathryn Costello, Worcester
A. Blakeborough, Worcester
A. Ausoni, Worcester
S. Cowan, Worcester
P. Darrah, Worcester
B.A. Sufrin, Worcester
A. Chakera, Worcester
E.P. Wilson, Worcester
M. Biggs, Sociology
H. Hamill, Sociology
T.W. Chan, Sociology
B. Harriss-White, Wolfson
David C. Lee, St John's
Hartmut Mayer, St Peter's
N.P. Cole, St Peter's
John Latsis, St Peter's
M.G. Moloney, St Peter's
H. Leyser, St Peter's
Daviusz Wojcik, St Peter's
Tessa Roynon, St Peter's
Alain Viala, Lady Margaret Hall
Marie-Chantal Killeen, Lady Margaret Hall
Xon de Ros, Lady Margaret Hall
Robert Gildea, Worcester
Sabina Lovibond, Worcester
Daniel Lunn, Worcester
J.D. Bradshaw, English
A. Papachristodoulou, Worcester
Mercedes Cerón, Worcester
Brian King, Worcester
P.G. Fowler, Worcester
Scott Scullion, Worcester
Jay Sexton, Corpus Christi
Chris Wickham, All Souls
Catherine Holmes, University College
Craig Clunas, Trinity
Julia Moses, Brasenose
Lesley Abrams, Balliol
Jane Caplan, St Antony's
Michael Freeden, Mansfield
Margaret MacMillan, St Antony's
Juan-Carlos Conde, Magdalen
Jordan Raff, Lincoln
Alain Goriely, St Catherine's
Cécile Fabre, Lincoln
G. Bergel, Merton
D. Norbrook, Merton
Ian Forrest, Oriel

Oliver Pooley, Oriel
Bruno Currie, Oriel
Nick Eyre, Oriel
Andrew Boothroyd, Oriel
Helen Kaufmann, Oriel
Christopher Bowdler, Oriel
Juliane Kerkhecker, Oriel
R.H.S. Tur, Oriel
William D. Wood, Oriel
Annette Volfing, Oriel
Richard Coggins, Oriel
Simon Rippon, Philosophy
Guy Kahane, Philosophy
H.A.W. Neil, Wolfson
J.H.W. Penney, Wolfson
J.A.E. Curtis, Wolfson
Marcus Banks, Wolfson
C.M. Davis, Wolfson
M.J.O. Francis, Wolfson
J.L. Dahl, Wolfson
Geraint Jones, Wolfson
Erica Charters, Wolfson
D.J. Galligan, Wolfson
James Benson, Wolfson
M. Elizabeth Tucker, Wolfson
S.A. Skinner, Balliol
S.K. Hazareesingh, Balliol
S. Marnette, Balliol
A.D. Kelly, Balliol
Martin Conway, Balliol
Wylie Horn, Computing Services
David Baker, Computing Services
Pamela Stanworth, Computing Services
H. Glogowski, Computing Services
Ritchie Robertson, Queen's
C.W.C. Williams, St Edmund Hall
James McDougall, Trinity
Nicholas Davidson, St Edmund Hall
Avi Shlaim, St Antony's
Abdel Razzaq Takriti, St Edmund Hall
Stephen Blamey, St Edmund Hall
N.F. Palmer, St Edmund Hall
S.G. Roberts, St Edmund Hall
Celia Kerslake, St Antony's
Theo M. van Lint, Pembroke
Clive D. Holes, Magdalen
A-S. Al-Shahi, St Antony's
Sharon Achinstein, St Edmund Hall
A. Borthwick, St Edmund Hall
M.D.E. Slater, St Edmund Hall
Jake Wadham, St Edmund Hall
A-M. Misra, Keble
D.R. Priestland, St Edmund Hall
Aribert Reimann, Wadham
Kalypso Nicolaides, St Antony's
Katrin Kohl, Medieval and Modern Languages
Senia Paseta, St Hugh's
John Chalker, St Hugh's
Stuart Conway, St Hugh's
Roy Westbrook, St Hugh's
Peter Mitchell, St Hugh's
Nicholas Perkins, St Hugh's
Peter McDonald, St Hugh's
Tom Kuhn, St Hugh's
Rhodri Lewis, St Hugh's
Mike Macnair, St Hugh's
Shelagh Vainker, St Hugh's
Kerstin Hoge, St Hilda's
Edward Nye, Lincoln
Clive Griffin, Trinity
Laura Kirkley, Queen's
James Grant, Queen's
Charlie Louth, Queen's
Inge Daniels, St Cross
Elizabeth Ewart, Linacre
David Fallon, St Anne's
Caroline Warman, Jesus
Michael Whitworth, Merton
Mette Berg, Anthropology
Bridget Anderson, Anthropology
Donald G. Fraser, Earth Sciences
Francis Szele, St Anne's

Congregation16 June




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Details are in 'Elections' section below.

Note on procedures in Congregation

¶ Business in Congregation is conducted in accordance with Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002 ( A printout of these regulations, or of any statute or other regulations, is available from the Council Secretariat on request. A member of Congregation seeking advice on questions relating to its procedures, other than elections, should contact Miss S. Cowburn at the University Offices, Wellington Square (telephone: (2)70193; email:; questions relating to elections should be directed to the Elections Officer, Ms S.L. Stacey (telephone: (2)80463, email: