• Thursday 13 January 2011
  • No. 4939
  • Vol 141

Consultative notices

Green Templeton College: revised statutes

The Committee on Statutes before the Privy Council, acting under authority delegated to it by Council, is minded to give consent on behalf of the University to the amendment to the Statutes of Green Templeton College, to update the cross-references in Statute 2.3, in so far as such consent is required by Section 7(2) of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1923. The consent of the committee to the amendment to the Statutes will be effective eleven days after publication of this notice unless written notice of a resolution, signed by at least twenty members of Congregation, calling upon Council to withhold that consent, has been given to the Registrar by noon on Monday, 24 January.

Hertford College: revised statutes

The Committee on Statutes before the Privy Council, acting under authority delegated to it by Council, is minded to give consent on behalf of the University to the amendment to the Statutes of Hertford College, in so far as such consent is required by Section 7(2) of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1923. The consent of the committee to the amendment to the Statutes will be effective eleven days after publication of this notice unless written notice of a resolution, signed by at least twenty members of Congregation, calling upon Council to withhold that consent, has been given to the Registrar by noon on Monday, 24 January.

The amendments relate to the following:

(i) compliance with Charity Commission requirements relating to articulation of charitable objects and the responsibilities of trustees;

(ii) simplification of the statutes to address core governance issues and removal of other items better treated in bye-laws or other ways;

(iii) Statute X on employment law provisions relating to academic staff has been moved to an appendix of the statutes. Minimal amendments have been made to better reflect current employment law but without altering any of the substantive terms set out in the Statute, as agreed with the University;

(iv) the term of office of the Principal is limited to a fixed term of five years in the first instance, which may be extended by the Governing Body. This replaces the current statute in which a Principal is appointed until his/her 67th birthday;

(v) removal of the Visitor's right to annul bye-laws or decisions of Governing Body he/she judges to be repugnant to the statutes;

(vi) removal of the requirement for the College to appoint a Chaplain or for the Chaplain to perform divine service according to the liturgy of the Church of England during term time.

University Preachers

University Preachers

Hilary term 2011

Sunday, 16 January, 9.30 a.m. Dr Leofranc Holford-Stevens, author and Senior Editor, OUP. Latin Litany and Sermon, St Mary's

Sunday, 23 January, 10 a.m. Dr Eric Eve, Assessor and Research Fellow and Tutor in Theology, Harris Manchester. Macbride Sermon, Hertford

Sunday, 6 February, 6 p.m. the Venerable Air Vice-Marshal Ray Pentland, Archdeacon for the Royal Air Force. University Sermon on the Grace of Humility, Harris Manchester

Sunday, 13 February, 5.30 p.m. The Most Revd Archbishop Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham. Inter-collegiate Evensong, St Mary's

Sunday, 20 February, 10.30 a.m. Mr Philip Pullman, Author. University Sermon, St Mary's

Sunday, 6 February, 6 p.m. The Very Revd Victor Stock, Dean of Guildford. Sermon for the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin (Lady Day Sermon), Oriel

General notices

University of Oxford Financial Statements 2009–10

The University Financial Statements for 2009–10 have now been published and are available online at A video summary by Giles Kerr, Director of Finance, is also available at

University of Oxford Staff Pension Scheme

Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2010.

The Report and Accounts of the Scheme for the year ended 31 March 2010 has now been published. Copies may be obtained on application to Sam Ellis, the Secretary to the Trustees of the University of Oxford Staff Pension Scheme, University of Oxford, 23–38 Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford OX1 2ET (tel. 01865 616164).

The Distinguished Friend of Oxford Award

Nominations are invited for the Distinguished Friend of Oxford Award. The award is made to those who have served as volunteers for the benefit of any part of the collegiate University.  This service can entail introducing Oxford to opinion formers or donors, serving Oxford on committees, either internal or external, representing the University to the wider world, being part of a long-term effort to raise funds, or undertaking a significant project for a particular part, or parts, of the collegiate University. Past recipients include Thelma Holt for her work in establishing the Cameron Mackintosh Chair and for University Drama more generally, David Hopkinson for his thirty-seven years' service on St Anne's Finance Committee and Sir David Akers-Jones for his involvement with the Hong Kong Advisory Group, the China–Oxford Scholarship Fund and his long support of Brasenose College and the wider University.

Nominees need not be alumni of the University, but must not be employees. The award recognises volunteer service, rather than financial donations.

The closing date for nominations is Thursday, 20 January. The award/s will be made by the Vice-Chancellor at a special ceremony during the Oxford Alumni Weekend (16–18 September).

The Distinguished Friend of Oxford scheme is administered by the Alumni Office. Please see our website for further details: Enquiries should be addressed to the Acting Director of Alumni Relations, Caroline Cain, at

Guidance notes for the holding of outside appointments and the conduct of outside work

This Guidance Note should be read in conjunction with Council Regulations 5 of 2004.

(1) Procedures for applying for approval to hold outside appointments

(a) Applicants must complete an application form available at:

(b) Applicants whose salaries are funded from externally-funded research grants or contracts, or who are Principal Investigators or Co-Investigators on outside-sponsored projects, must adhere to the terms and conditions stipulated by or agreed with the sponsor and, if necessary, seek written approval from the sponsor1. If you are in any doubt, please contact Research Services staff for advice on the terms and conditions of externally-funded research grants and contracts held by the University (tel. (2)70143).

(c) Applicants must obtain the approval of their direct line manager where relevant.

(d) When the necessary approvals have been obtained from the relevant line manager or sponsor (as appropriate), applicants should submit the completed form to their head of department2, who will be asked to sign to confirm that he/she is content to approve the outside commitment in the context of the applicant's university duties. Heads of department who themselves wish to accept outside commitments must submit their application forms to their head of division for approval. Heads of Division should submit applications to the Vice-Chancellor.

(e) Applicants must ensure that they are familiar with the University's policy and procedure on conflict of interest ( If they have any concerns about potential conflicts implicit in their proposed arrangements they should approach the secretary of the Conflict of Interest Committee (currently Mrs Frances Barnwell, email:, telephone: (2)70138).

(f) If the outside appointment is arranged via Oxford University Consulting (see section 2 below) and approval is granted for the outside appointment, the applicant will enjoy a measure of protection under the University's insurance arrangements (see If the outside appointment is arranged privately the individual (or the company) will need to hold their own insurance cover.

(2) Oxford University Consulting

The University's wholly-owned subsidiary company, Isis Innovation Limited, has a division, Oxford University Consulting (, to help members of the University to market their expertise to outside bodies, to negotiate commercial terms and payment on behalf of individuals, and to manage the administration associated with consultancy. OUC offers a professional service for academics and departments throughout the University, which will identify consultancy and related opportunities with local, national and international companies and organisations. Details of this service may be obtained by telephone ((2) 80829) or by email (

Members of the University choosing to use the services of OUC must still follow the internal procedures for University approval of their outside appointments as outlined in this Guidance Note; OUC will, however, assist the process on behalf of the individuals concerned. Please see the University's Consulting Policy and Procedures (

(3) Consultancies within research grant applications and contracts

The holding of a consultancy may be included where appropriate within research grant applications and contracts. Where consultancies are included in this way and provision is made through the payroll to pay staff for such work, the Outside Grants (OG) form should itemise, among the costs of the project, the costs of the consultancy payment (including employer's on-costs). Indirect costs should also be calculated on the total cost of the project, including the fee for the consultancy. Research Services (tel. (2)70143) will be able to advise on the most appropriate form of agreement to cover consultancies attached to research grants or contracts. Time spent on such consultancies will count towards the 30-day limit.

If a department wishes to make personal payments to a University of Oxford staff member from a research account, these payments must go through the University payroll. Departments should use the Payroll Change Form (stocks are held in each department). The form entitled 'Payment to Academic or Academic-related staff in respect of consultancy and/or services to industry' is no longer in use.

(4) Services to industry and outside bodies

Not all work for outside bodies is governed by a contract with an external sponsor under the University's research grants and contracts procedures. Some is likely to be 'service' work, i.e. the provision of a service to an external organisation which is not of academic benefit but which makes use of spare capacity in a department (most often specialist facilities/equipment) in return for payment. Such arrangements should nevertheless be covered by an agreement approved by the head of department which is drawn up in consultation with the departmental administrator and (for tax reasons) with the Finance Division. Customers must be made aware of the University's standard conditions of sale and supply (available from the Legal Services Office (LSO)), which must be incorporated into all contracts (subject to any variations required on a case-by-case basis, and drafted or endorsed by the LSO).

A department may well wish to engage Oxford University Consulting to arrange these service agreements with third parties (see

Where appropriate a payment may be made through the payroll to individuals for the additional work undertaken in performing the services. It is expected that the head of department will decide on an appropriate fee to be paid to the individual based on the time spent (which again will count towards the 30-day per year limit). In such cases, where an agreement has been made with the University in respect of the service, it is not expected that a further personal consultancy agreement with the academic concerned will be necessary.

(5) Financial arrangements for outside appointments

The University does not generally (except in the case of consultancies for which the information is requested for the annual HE-BCI survey) seek details of remuneration which applicants are to receive in return for outside commitments, but reserves the right to request to be provided with such details in certain circumstances, e.g. in the light of any potential conflict of interest with the outside commitment. Applicants wishing exceptionally to make a case to spend a total of more than 30 days in any one year on outside commitments will be required to provide details of remuneration.

(6) Monitoring and reporting of outside appointments

(a) Heads of department are responsible, through their departmental administration, for keeping records of the number of days spent on outside commitments by all staff (regardless of staff group) in their departments.

(b) Departments and divisions are responsible for reporting the details of all outside commitments held by staff via the OpenDoor system by the end of September each year.

1The Wellcome Trust's grant conditions, for example, include stringent conditions relating to the holding of consultancies and these apply equally to individuals who are in receipt of Wellcome Trust research grants, as well as to those whose salaries are paid from Wellcome Trust grants.

2Throughout this document, the term 'head of department' should be taken to include chairman of faculty board.



1. The listing below was incorrect in several respects in the Gazette of 28 October 2010. The following is the corrected entry:

Medical Sciences Division


University Lecturer

Ervin Fodor, MSc Bratislava, DPhil Oxf, Fellow of Linacre, University Lecturer in Virology, has been reappointed until the retiring age, with effect from 1 October 2010.

2. The notice of appointments below appeared in the Gazette of 9 December 2010 under the heading of the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division. It should have appeared under the heading of the Social Sciences Division. The following is the corrected entry:

Social Sciences Division


School of Geography and the Environment

Myles R. Allen, BA DPhil Oxf, University Lecturer, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, and Group Leader, Climate Dynamics Group, University of Oxford, has been appointed to a Statutory Professorship in the School of Geography and the Environment, with effect from 4 April 2011.

Dr Allen will be a fellow of Linacre College.


Environmental Change Institute

Jim W. Hall, BEng PhD Brist, Professor of Earth Systems Engineering, Newcastle University, has been appointed to the Directorship of the Environmental Change Institute in the School of Geography and the Environment, with effect from 7 February 2011.

The title of Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks has been conferred on him on behalf of the Recognition of Distinction Committee.

Professor Hall will be a fellow of Linacre College.

Recognition of Distinction

The following title has been conferred on behalf of the Recognition of Distinction Committee:

Kreutzer, S., Dr rer nat Dipl Aachen University of Technology, Reader in Computer Science and Fellow of Linacre, Professor of Computer Science, with immediate effect.

Electoral Boards

Composition of Electoral Boards

The revised composition of the electoral boards to the posts below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, are as follows:

Pearson Professorship of Educational Assessment and Director, Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment

  Appointed by
The Provost of Worcester Mr Vice-Chancellor1
The Principal of St Anne's
ex officio
Professor P. Munn Council
Professor R. Daugherty Council
Professor R. Goodman Social Sciences Divisional Board
Professor A. Edwards Department of Education
Professor P. Sammons Department of Education
Professor M. James Department of Education
Dr A. Mullen St Anne's


Beit Professorship of the History of the British Commonwealth

  Appointed by
The Dean of Christ Church Mr Vice-Chancellor1
Professor P. O'Hanlon Council
Professor M. Vaughan Council
Dr F. Heal Humanities Division
Professor C. Wickham History Faculty
Professor J. Darwin History Faculty
Professor T. Hopkins History Faculty
Dr S. Hazareesingh Balliol
Dr S. Skinner Balliol


1Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Statute IX, Sect. 10 and 11 (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, p. 108).

Musical Events

The Queen's College Chapel

Organ recitals are held on Wednesdays at 1.10 p.m. during full term:

19 Jan. (week 1): James Scott (Bath Abbey)

26 Jan. (week 2): Anthony Burns-Cox (Romsey)

2 Feb. (week 3): Alistair Reid (Coventry Cathedral)

9 Feb. (week 4): Iain Quinn (University of Durham)

16 Feb. (week 5): Daniel Hyde (Magdalen)

23 Feb. (week 6): Shean Bowers (Bath Abbey)

Weeks 7 and 8 recitalists to be confirmed.

Eglesfield Musical Society lunchtime recitals are held on Saturdays at 1.30 p.m. during full term.

Choral Services are held as following during full term: Sunday 6.15 p.m.; Wednesday and Friday 6.30 p.m.  

Further details may be found on the College website: