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Oxford University Gazette, 27 May 2010:
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Research Services

Research funding: institutional quotas and ranking

Some research funders place a limit on the number or type of proposals that may be submitted from each institution. Some also require an institution to send in a ranked/priority list.

When Research Services becomes aware of such requirements the office liaises with the Pro-Vice- Chancellor (Research), Professor Ian Walmsley, and divisional offices as to how best to coordinate, and publishes the agreed process on its Coordinated Bids Web page

( If a researcher or research administrator sees a scheme with an institutional quota or ranking requirement which is not listed on the Coordinated Bids site, he or she should contact Research Services as a matter of urgency, so that the office can put necessary measures in place.

This coordination process is designed to avoid researchers (and others) spending time developing proposals which cannot fit within a quota. The office wishes to ensure that proposals from the University are not excluded by sponsors because of institutional quota and ranking requirements.

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