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Oxford University Gazette, 25 June 2010: Notices


University Gazette: publication arrangements

Members of the University are asked to note that the final Gazettes of 2009–10 will be published on 1 and 22 July. The first Gazette of 2010–11 will be published on 23 September, but will be limited to Council and Congregation business. The first full issue for 2010–11 will be published on 30 September. For details of a change to the deadline, see below.

Changes to the Gazette to take effect in 2010–2011

A number of changes to the Gazette, approved by Council earlier this year, will take effect in 2010–11, and are set out below. Further details will be circulated to departments and colleges in due course. Enquiries may be directed to

  • Notices and supplements to appear once only, with certain exceptions
  • 'University Acts' to be renamed 'Council and Major Committees'; 'University Agenda' to be renamed 'Congregation'
  • Special Lecture List to be published in the Gazette only, and returned to its original purpose as a listing of lectures of cross-University interest
  • The supplement of lectures and seminars for the term to be published in noughth week
  • Prizes, Grants and Funding section to be removed and replaced by a brief list of prizes and grants notified, with a reference given to an appropriate Web site or contact information
  • Lists of undergraduate and graduate awards made by Colleges, Halls, and Societies to be removed
  • Appointments section to be removed and replaced by a listing of vacancies notified, with a reference given to a Web site on which information can be found, or contact details for enquiries
  • Diary to be removed and replaced by an expanded 'What's On' page of the University Web site
  • Learning Institute supplements to be removed and replaced by a termly notice giving the Learning Institute Web address
  • Publication of non-urgent notices may be postponed for up to two weeks to help keep the Gazette to an even length
  • The online Gazette to be moved to the new UAS Content Management System, with improvements made to appearance and navigabililty
  • The printed Gazette to be redesigned to improve its usability
  • The annual number of issues to be reduced from 37 to 35, to be achieved by removing the issue of week 10 of Michaelmas Term, and the final Gazette in July. The Gazette of week –2 of MT, and week 10 of HT, normally to include Council and Congregation business only
  • Adjustment to deadline: in place of the current deadline for official notices of 12 noon on Thursday of the week before publication, such notices should normally be received by 12 noon on Wednesday of the week before publication; urgent notices will, however, be accepted up to 10 a.m. on Thursday

Sheldonian Theatre Redecoration

The Sheldonian Theatre was last decorated in the early 1960s and is now due for redecoration. Completed in 1669, the grade 1 listed building was the first important commission of the young Sir Christopher Wren.

Before embarking on the redecoration, the University commissioned research into the history of the paintwork. This has discovered the original colour scheme of the Wren building and revealed that the present scheme is entirely the work of nineteenth- and mid-twentieth-century restorers.

It is proposed that the theatre be returned to the original Wren colour scheme. The proposal has received approval from the Curators of the Sheldonian and from the Building and Estates Subcommittee (BESC). They are aware, however, that this will involve a considerable change in the character of the theatre. Comments are therefore invited from members of the University before wider public consultation and the submission of proposals for listed building consent.

Members of the University are invited to attend an exhibition in the Sheldonian on Friday, 2 July, between 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m., where a sample wall panel will be available to view. Further information about the redecoration, including an image indicating the original colour scheme, is available at

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George Eastman Visiting Professorship 2012–2013

V. KOFI AGAWU, BA R'dg, M.MUS Lond, PH.D Stanford, Professor of Music, Department of Music, Princeton University, Adjunct Professor, University of Ghana and Fellow, Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, Ghana, has been appointed to the George Eastman Visiting Professorship 2012–13 in the Humanities Division for the period 1 October 2012–30 September 2013.

Professor Agawu will be a Professorial Fellow of Balliol College.

Recognition of Distinction

On behalf of the Recognition of Distinction Committee, the Vice-Chancellor has conferred the title of Professor of Radiology on F.V. GLEESON, MB BS Lond, FRCP, FRCR, Senior Clinical Lecturer and NHS Consultant in Radiology, with immediate effect.

Conferment of the Title of Visiting Professor

The Medical Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Clinical Pharmacology on N. KASHARA, MD, PH.D, currently Professor in the Department of Medicine, UCLS, with joint appointments in the Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology and the Interdepartmental Program in Molecular Biology in the David Geffen Medical School, UCLA, for three years from 1 June 2010.

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