University of Oxford

Oxford University Gazette, 22 October 2009:
Prizes, Grants, and Funding


Value: £750. An additional prize of £350 may be awarded.

The prize will be awarded for the best essay (which should not exceed 5,000 words in length) on the following theme:

The grand power of poetry is its interpretative power; by which I mean, not a power of drawing out in black and white an explanation of the mystery of the universe, but the power of so dealing with things as to awaken in us a wonderfully full, new, and intimate sense of them, and of our relations with them (Matthew Arnold, 'Maurice De Guerin').

The prize is open to members of the University who, on the closing date for receipt of essays have qualified by examination for the degree of BA and have not exceeded seven years from matriculation or have qualified by examination for any other degree of the University and have not exceeded four years from matriculation or, not being graduates of the University, are pursuing a course of study leading to a postgraduate degree of the University and have not exceeded three years from their matriculation.

The closing date is 26 February 2010.