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Oxford University Gazette, 15 October 2009: University Agenda

CONGREGATION 3 November 2 p.m.

¶ Members of Congregation are reminded that any two members may, not later than noon on Monday, 26 October, give notice in writing to the Registrar that they intend to oppose or amend the resolution under item 1 or wish to speak or to ask a question concerning the Vice-Chancellor's Oration under item 2 below (see the note on the conduct of business in Congregation below). If such notice has not been given, and unless Council has declared otherwise or the meeting has been adjourned, the resolution shall be carried and the Oration presented, and the meeting may be cancelled.

1 Voting on resolution authorising expenditure from the Higher Studies Fund

Explanatory Note

The expenditure proposed in this resolution will use a significant majority (if not all) of the fund earmarked for Physical Chemistry. This is permitted under the Trust Deed governing the Higher Studies Fund (HSF) which requires the Trustees to hold only two sums of capital as permanent endowment, both in support of the Bodleian Library. The Trustees are otherwise empowered to deploy both capital and income in the making of grants to further the research activities of the University.

In the absence of a part of the HSF earmarked for Physical Chemistry, successful bids relating to that discipline could be funded from the unearmarked fund.

Text of Resolution

That the University be authorised to expend from that part of the Higher Studies Fund earmarked for Physical Chemistry the sum of up to £360k to provide a start-up grant for Professor C.V. Robinson, Royal Society Professor and Dr Lee's Professor-elect of Chemistry.

2 Presentation of Vice-Chancellor's Oration

The Oration delivered by the Vice-Chancellor on 6 October will be presented and may be discussed.

¶ The Oration has been published as Supplement (2) to Gazette No. 4892.

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