University of Oxford

Oxford University Gazette, 12 November 2009: Appointments

Vacancies in Colleges

All Souls College
Evans-Pritchard Lecturership 2010--11
Brasenose College
Appointment of Development Administrator
Harris Manchester College
College Stipendiary Lecturership in Theology
Appointment of Conference and Office Manager
Keble College
Graduate Scholarships 2010--11
Linacre College
Junior Research Fellowships
EPA Cephalosporin Junior Research Fellowships
Merton College
Peter Moores Research Fellowship in Chinese Archaeology
St Catherine's College
Junior Research Fellowship in the Social Sciences
Queen's College
Laming Junior Fellowship
Non-stipendiary Junior Research Fellowships in Physiology or Psychology
St Antony's College
Wai Seng Senior Research Scholarship
St Catherine's College
Stipendiary Lecturership in Spanish
Junior Research Fellowship in the Social Sciences
St Peter's College
Appointment of Head of College
Somerville College
Appointment of Deputy Catering and Conference Manager
Wadham College
Appointment of Sub-Dean
Wycliffe Hall
Appointment of Assistant Tutor in Theology and Visiting Student Programme Co-ordinator

Vacancies outside the University of Oxford

University of Cambridge
University Lectureship in Aeroacoustics (Department of Engineering)
Postdoctoral Research Associateship in Probability Theory (Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics)
Darwin College, Cambridge
Research Fellowships