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Oxford University Gazette, 4 March 2010: Notices


    Proposals for Honorary Degrees to be conferred at the Encaenia in 2011, and for Degrees by Diploma

    Members of Congregation are encouraged to suggest the names of people on whom such degrees might be conferred. Degrees by diploma are conferred on heads of state and royalty, and Encaenia honorary degrees are conferred at the University's annual ceremonial event. When considering possible honorands, the Honorary Degrees Committee will focus on individuals in the following categories:

    1. those of high academic distinction in the fields of research and scholarship of specific interest to the University of Oxford;

    2. those distinguished in the visual, literary, musical, and performing arts;

    3. those distinguished in business and industry;

    4. those who have played a distinguished role in public life, for example in contributing to progress and change in society;

    5. those who have made a significant contribution to the activities of the University of Oxford—such individuals would normally also fall into one of the categories above.

    Within these categories, the committee will aim to produce a balanced list which takes account of the international dimension which characterises this University's activities.

    Honorary degrees will not be conferred on anyone who holds, or who has retired from, a resident teaching, research, or administrative post within the University or in any college or other society, except in exceptional circumstances such as distinguished service outside the terms of his or her paid service or outstanding service well beyond the call of duty.

    Nominations should be sent on the approved application form, which is available from Mrs C. Benton (telephone: (2)80107, e-mail: or can be downloaded by staff accessing the University Web site from the Oxford University Network ( The completed form should be sent to Mrs C. Benton, University Offices, Wellington Square, by Friday, 7 May, under 'Strictly Confidential' cover.

    While informal soundings within the University will often be desirable, every effort should be made to ensure that publicity is not at any stage given to any specific proposal for the conferral of an honorary degree. All nominations will be considered in strict confidence by the Honorary Degrees Committee, which submits its report to Council at the beginning of Michaelmas Term. After discussion, Council will report back to the Honorary Degrees Committee, which will arrive at a list of honorands to put to Congregation.

    The names of people on whom degrees by diploma and honorary degrees have recently been conferred may be found in the University Calendar, 2009–10, pp. 540–4.

    This year's honorands are:

    Brigitte Askonas
    Eileen Atkins
    Stephen Breyer
    Geoffrey Hill
    Roald Hoffmann
    Ian Kershaw
    David Sainsbury
    George Weidenfeld

    Review of the leadership of Health and Safety

    At its meeting in February 2009, Council asked that a review be carried out of the leadership of health and safety within the University. Council's review decision was taken on the basis of a recommendation from the Health and Safety Management Committee and also in the light of recently published guidance from the Universities and Colleges Employer's Association (UCEA) on 'Leading Health and Safety at Work'. A Health and Safety Review Group was subsequently established to conduct the requisite review.

    The group has been asked to investigate whether the University is showing, at its highest level, effective leadership in the area of health and safety, and the group's work will include examining the role and function of Council and the Health and Safety Management Committee in this respect.


    Membership of the Review Group is as follows:

    Dr Adrian Allsop (Social Sciences)
    Professor Susan Cooper (MPLS)
    Mrs Ruth Davies (OULS)
    Professor Derrick Crooke (Medical Sciences)
    Ms Judith Hackitt, external member (Chair, UK Health and Safety Executive).
    Dr Diana Walford, Principal of Mansfield (Chair)

    The secretary to the review group is Mr C.P. Thompson, Council Secretariat.

    The group has consulted, or will consult, with the senior management of the University including the Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar and Heads of Division. At the committee level detailed discussions with the Chair of the Health and Safety Management Committee, both current and immediately demitted, have taken place and, at their meetings in February 2010, the opinions of members of the Consultative Committee for Health and Safety and of the Health and Safety Management Committee were also obtained; a paper outlining the coordinated views of the Unite union was subsequently received. The Directors of the University Safety Office and the Occupational Health Service have been interviewed and have responded to a list of detailed questions. Heads of department will soon receive a short questionnaire and the Review Group also wishes to expand its consultations to the University's Congregation and staff.

    Views now sought

    The Review Group invites the views of members of Congregation and the University's staff concerning:

    (a) how good they feel communications are, in both directions, on health and safety matters within the wider University and at local levels;

    (b) whether work-related health issues have sufficient visibility with local management;

    (c) how involved they feel in ensuring safety in working practice at local level;

    (d) whether or not training resources are adequate, readily accessible and what could be done to improve the take up;

    and, overall:

    (e) how they perceive the leadership of health and safety in the University from Council down to the local workplace.

    The Review Group welcomes responses, which should be forwarded to Mr Thompson (e-mail:, by close of business on Friday, 30 April.

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    Conferment the Title of Visiting Professor


    The Medical Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Tropical Medicine on P.L. OLLIARO, PH.D MD Pavia, HDR Grenoble, currently working in the UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/World Health Organisation's Special Programme on Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, for five years from 1 April 2010.

    Note: this replaces the notice concerning Professor Olliaro published in the Gazette of 4 February (p. 539), in which the details given of his current post were incorrect.

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    The revised composition of the electoral board to the post below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:

    David Phillips Professorship of Molecular Biophysics

                                        Appointed by
            The President of St John's     Mr Vice-Chancellor [1] 
            Professor Sir John Bell        Council
            Professor Dr W. Kulhbrandt     Council
            Professor K. Nasmyth           Medical Sciences Board
            Professor D. Stuart            Medical Sciences Board
            Professor F. Ashcroft          Medical Sciences Board
            Dr J.W. Lowe                   Medical Sciences Board
            Dr C. Akerman                  Corpus Christi College
            Dr M.R. Wormald                Corpus Christi College

    [1] Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Sects. 10 and 11 of Statute IX (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, Vol. 133, p. 108).

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