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Oxford University Gazette, 4 February 2010:
Prizes, Grants, and Funding

Prospective and current undergraduate and graduate students of the University should refer to the Student Funding Web site for information and advice on fees and funding:

George Herbert Hunt Travelling Scholarship 2010

Applications are invited for the 2010 George Herbert Hunt Travelling Scholarship. Candidates should either have been admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Medicine of the University of Oxford or have passed the First Examination for the Degree of Bachelor of Medicine of the University and hold a medical degree of another British university qualifying him or her to practise medicine. Current clinical students are not eligible to apply; an award can only be made to a medical graduate who fulfils the above criteria. The scholarship is of the value of about £3,000 and may be held with another award. This scholarship is offered in every second year.

Candidates are required to submit with their applications a statement of their academic record together with testimonials, and an undertaking that, if elected, they will travel abroad for a period of at least one month for the purpose of clinical study or research in medicine. In making the award, preference will be given to candidates who intend to engage in the practice of their profession either as surgeons or as general practitioners.

The scholar will be required to complete his or her period of travel within twelve months from the date of election, and within a reasonable period thereafter to submit to the Secretary of the Medical School for the approval of the electors a detailed report of his or her tenure of the scholarship. Payment of nine-tenths of the scholarship will be made shortly before the period of travel, and the remaining one-tenth following the approval of the report. The election will be made on 9 April 2010.

Applications should be sent to Mrs Laura Morgan, Medical Sciences Office, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington, Oxford OX3 9DU, by 26 February.

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Varley-Gradwell Travelling Fellowships in Insect Ecology

Applications are invited for a Varley-Gradwell Travelling Fellowship in Insect Ecology. Travelling fellowships, up to £2,500 in value, are awarded for the support of fieldwork, travel, and other activity in the field of insect ecology.

Applications are judged on their practicality and on their potential to make a contribution to insect ecology. Preference is given to those in their early post-doctoral years, but strong applications from those at the post- graduate level have, in the past, been successful. The fellowship is not available for support of undergraduate research.

The fellowships are tenable for one year commencing on a date to be agreed. They are not renewable.

Applications should include a curriculum vitae, and a research proposal which should include a budget and which should not exceed two sides of A4 in length. Applicants should ask two referees to write to the Secretary at the address given below. In the case of postgraduate students one of the referees should be the supervisor.

Applications and references should be sent by 31 March to Ms Niamh McEntee, Secretary to the Board of Management for the Varley-Gradwell Travelling Fellowship in Insect Ecology, Department of Zoology, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PS (telephone: Oxford (2)71204, e-mail:, to whom enquiries may also be addressed.

Applicants should note that if large numbers of specimens will result from the work, the cost of follow-up work should be shown in the budget, and details given of how, and by whom, they would be identified. In this case, applicants must also show their willingness and ability to work with local scientists and institutions in order to obtain full official permission for the export of any specimens back to the UK, and later to share identified specimens with institutions within the host country, if requested.

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Hussey Bequest

Amended notice

Applications are invited by Friday, 26 February from graduate students in the faculties/departments of History of Art, Music, Theology, and the Ruskin School, for a Hussey grant of up to £800 which may be used to assist with travel, maintenance, conference attendance, or other costs associated with research studies in the Church and the Arts.

The Bequest (kindly donated by the late Very Revd Dr J.W.A. Hussey, former Dean of Chichester) was set up to provide an annual lecture or series of lectures on the Church and the Arts to be known as the Hussey Lectures. Surplus funds may be used for purposes relating to the Church and the Arts.

Eligible applicants (those whose research concerns a topic relating to the Church and the Arts) should make application in writing giving a brief summary of their research to date, the purpose of their application, and supply a supporting reference from their current supervisor, to Mrs E. Macallister, Secretary to the Hussey Committee, Theology Faculty Centre, 34 St Giles', Oxford OX1 3LD (e-mail: elizabeth.macallister@theology., telephone: Oxford (2)70797). Applications will be considered on merit and not financial need.

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Oxford University Society

Annual Awards Scheme for Current Students

Applications are invited for this year's Oxford University Society annual awards scheme for current students.

Awards are offered in the following categories: Individual travel, Group travel and Sporting. The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. on Monday, 8 March. Further information, and guidance on how to apply, will be found on the Alumni Web site,

For students from East Kent, Dorset and Hertfordshire, there are some special awards offered by the local branch network. Details can be found at l_networks_awards.

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AXA Postdoctoral Awards

The AXA Research Fund is inviting selected universities to propose up to two candidates for one-year AXA Postdoctoral Fellowships. These awards provide a total €60,000 funding. The University will take part in 'Wave 2' of the programme.

The proposed research must fall within the scope of one of the themes for 2010 set by the AXA Scientific Board (see h-fields).

Prospective applicants should as soon as possible contact the Oxford department or faculty in which they would like to hold the fellowship. Internal expressions of interest close on 16 April.

Further may be found on the Research Services' Coordinated Bids site,

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AXA Doctoral Fellowships

The AXA Research Fund is inviting universities to propose up to two candidates for AXA Ph.D Fellowships. These awards provide a stipend of €25,000 per annum and €1,000 per annum for direct expenses, plus related fees paid to the host institution for three years.

The proposed research must fall within the scope of one of the themes for 2010 set by the AXA Scientific Board, which are:

Life risks: ageing and long-term care; addictions and risky behaviours; emerging biomedical risks

Societal risks: geopolitical risks; macroeconomic, financial, and societal risks

Environmental risks: natural catastrophes; risks linked to climate change

Prospective applicants should as soon as possible contact the Oxford department or faculty in which they would like to study and hold the award.

Expressions of interest using the internal University Form are due with the University's admitting bodies (departments and faculties) by Monday, 22 February.

Further information may be found on the Research Services' Coordinated Bids Web site at

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Philip Geddes Memorial Prizes 2010

The Philip Geddes and Clive Taylor prizes are awarded each year for outstanding work in student journalism. The maximum value of both prizes is £1,000. The Clive Taylor prize is awarded for sports journalism. There is also a St Edmund Hall Prize for which the maximum value is £500.

The Philip Geddes prize is open to undergraduate members of the University who, by the end of Trinity Term 2010 will have completed the second year of their degree course; the Clive Taylor prize is open to both graduate and undergraduate students of the University. All candidates are expected to have involved themselves in journalism, including radio, television, or photography, in the University and/or elsewhere. Any student of St Edmund Hall who has fulfilled the appropriate conditions is free to apply for the Geddes or Taylor prize and the St Edmund Hall prize.

Candidates are asked to submit the following: (a) four copies of examples of a minimum of three and a maximum of six pieces of journalistic work completed whilst at the University, and (b) four copies of an outline (maximum 500 words) of a specific journalistic project upon which the candidate proposes to spend the award. Applicants who do not submit the required number of copies or who submit more than the required pieces of work will be ineligible for the prize.

Entries should reach Ms Penny Alden, Tutorial Secretary, St Edmund Hall, by midday on Thursday, 18 February. It is hoped that interviews will take place on Thursday 4 March. Candidates should ensure they are available on that day; because some interviewers have to come from outside Oxford alternative times cannot be arranged. Envelopes should be clearly marked 'The Philip Geddes Award' or 'Clive Taylor Award'. The prize will be judged by two practising journalists, one fellow of St Edmund Hall, and one other senior member of the University.

The awards are made on the condition that successful candidates later submit a report or project which demonstrates the use to which the prize-money was put. This report or project may then be added to the candidate's portfolio when applying for jobs in the media.

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