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Oxford University Gazette, 30 July 2009: Lectures


2009 Oxford Biomedical Imaging Festival

The third annual Oxford Biomedical Imaging Festival will be held on Wednesday, 16 September, in St John's College. The festival is aimed at gathering together all biomedical imaging scientists across the University and its partner NHS hospitals, working at all scales from microscopy to radiology. Registration is free to members of the University of Oxford biomedical imaging community and to the University's NHS partners. Attendees are invited to present posters of their work, and to indicate their poster title and orientation.

Further details of the event, and of the registration procedure, may be found at

Neuroscience Grand Round: Guest Lectures

PROFESSOR ALASTAIR COMPSTON, Cambridge, will lecture at 11.30 a.m. on Friday, 18 September, in Lecture Theatre 1, the Academic Block, the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Subject: 'Treating multiple sclerosis: a modern saga.' (Litchfield Lecture)