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Oxford University Gazette, 26 February 2009: Notices


Humanities Division/Education Committee Review of Philosophy

The Humanities Divisional Board and the Education Committee will jointly conduct a review of the Faculty of Philosophy on 13 and 14 May. The review committee's terms of reference are:

1. To review the quality of academic activities in the faculty, by reference to:

  • international standards of excellence;
  • action taken since the last review of the faculty;
  • planning statements at faculty and divisional level, and in the context of the University's mission statement and corporate plan.
In particular:

(a) the quality of the research of the faculty, including its participation in interdepartmental, interdivisional and interdisciplinary activities, its research profile and strategy, and future challenges and opportunities;

(b) the quality of undergraduate and graduate programmes, and their delivery and related issues, including:

  • access and admissions;
  • curriculum design and programme structure;
  • teaching, learning and assessment;
  • the relationship between teaching and research;
  • academic and pastoral support and guidance;
  • the provision and use of learning resources (including staff resources);
  • specific arrangements for the pursuit of graduate studies;
  • relationships with colleges;
  • quality assurance mechanisms;

(c) the organisation of the faculty, its management structures, and the relationship between the faculty and the Humanities Division, including such matters as:

  • strategic planning (including relationship to the divisional five-year plan and the University's corporate plan);
  • academic and non-academic staffing and recruitment;
  • student number planning;
  • terms of appointment for academic staff, including career development and equal opportunities issues;
  • accommodation and future space needs;
  • fundraising;

(d) the relationship (structural and operational) between units within the faculty, and between the faculty and cognate subject areas, and colleges to which it is linked in teaching and research;

(d) the relationship (structural and operational) between units within the faculty, and between the faculty and cognate subject areas and colleges to which it is linked in teaching and research.

2. To consider the current and long-term financial position of, and funding arrangements for, the faculty, and its financial strategy. The review committee would welcome written comments on matters falling within its terms of reference. These should be sent to the joint secretary to the Review Committee, Karen Brill, Humanities Division, 34 St Giles', Oxford OX1 3LD (e-mail:, by Friday, 10 April.

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Statutes Approved By Her Majesty in Council

Mr Vice-Chancellor has received a communication from the Clerk of Her Majesty's Privy Council, stating that on 11 February 2008 Her Majesty was pleased to approve the Statutes amending the Schedule to the Statutes concerning (i) the Gibbs Prizes; (ii) the Foster Memorial Fund (both (i) and (ii) printed in Gazette, Vol. 138, p. 840, 19 March 2008, and approved by Congregation on 22 April 2008, p. 948); and (iii) the Heath Harrison Fund (printed in Gazette, Vol. 138, p. 1120, 22 May 2008, and approved by Congregation on 10 June 2008, p. 1208).

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Revised Register of Members of Congregation


The following name was omitted from the Revised Register of Members of Congregation, published on 11 February (Supplement (1) to No. 4870):

Mackay, D.M., Health Care Libraries

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Queen's College

Choral concert

THE CHOIR OF QUEEN'S COLLEGE, with a string ensemble from the Royal College of Music, will perform James Macmillan's Seven Last Words from the Cross, and works by Purcell and Handel, at 8.15 p.m. on Thursday, 5 March, in the chapel, Queen's College. Admission will be by programme, costing £12 (concessions £8, students £4).

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St John's College

Opening of collection of medieval vestments

The college intends to open to the public its collection of medieval vestments on Sunday, 8 March, 2–5 p.m. The collection is displayed in the Garden Quadrangle and entrance, free of charge, will be via the Main Lodge.

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Clubs Committee

Annual Report 2007–8

The Clubs Committee welcomes and is pleased to be able to support the vibrant contribution made by registered student organisations to the cultural, sporting, social and volunteering activities of the collegiate University.

During 2007–8, the Committee continued to operate its scheme to provide direct financial support (grants and in some cases loans) to registered clubs, both in the form of 'start-up' grants and support for special projects of various kinds. Some eighteen applications were received and awards included seven start-up grants and other grants and loans for special purposes (including major support to enable the Oxford University Gilbert and Sullivan Society to perform at the Buxton Festival in the summer of 2008).

The Committee also reviewed the arrangements to advertise its funding scheme and agreed to introduce, in 2008–9, a new opportunity for clubs to bid for a major (up to £1,000) award each year.

A number of factors influenced the Committee's financial position and organisation during the year. The Committee's income from central university sources was in effect reduced by £0.5k as an economy measure and it was given a new liability to meet infrastructure charges associated with the use of university premises for the OUDS Wardrobe. Although additional funding (£4k) was provided in order to enable the Committee to meet this unforeseen commitment, the position for future years is the subject of continuing discussions with the Committee for the Council Departments and it looks as if the OUDS Wardrobe will have to be dispersed.

The long-standing Clubs Officer, Mr Bob Barnes, retired at the end of July 2008. The Committee here formally records its appreciation of Mr Barnes's services. A review of staffing requirements was carried out during the earlier part of 2007–8, the outcome of which was agreement that the Clubs Officer post would be discontinued in its existing form on Mr Barnes's retirement and that the work and budgets associated with the Minibus Hire and Driver Assessment Scheme would transfer to the Sports Department from 1 August 2008. At the same time, it was agreed that the slimmed-down Clubs Committee Office would be relocated to the University Offices, to share accommodation and facilities with the Proctors' Office. The remaining part-time member of staff, Mrs Clare Brennan, has become Clubs Officer with a slightly expanded range of duties. The Committee is grateful to the members of staff concerned, and to the Director of Sport and his colleagues, for their efforts in achieving a smooth transition to the new organisational arrangements.

The Minibus scheme, under which some 700 hire-days are made annually, is an important means of enabling registered student organisations to travel safely for bona fide activities, using good- quality commercial hire vehicles covered by the University's insurance. Although the number of accident reports made during the year was higher than usual, most of the incidents involved minor damage to hire vehicles and, crucially, none resulted in personal injury. The Clubs Committee will continue to cooperate closely with the Sports Department in the running of the scheme.

Looking ahead, the Committee would like to flag up the need to maintain the University's support for two of the most vibrant student clubs, Jacari and KEEN. They currently receive some very modest support (respectively £4,680 and £5,630) from the £93k of the current TQEF allocation which can be identified as the former Higher Education Active Community Fund (HEACF) allocation. The HEACF income was ring-fenced for the creation, promotion and maintenance of volunteering opportunities for staff and students, and PRAC agreed that the corresponding portion of the current TQEF funding stream should continue to be earmarked for those purposes. HEFCE currently proposes that, from 2009–10, it will not identify any particular component of the TQEF allocation in this way. In addition, the administration of funds for staff and student volunteering is to transfer from the Council Secretariat to the Public Affairs Directorate which has responsibility for the University's strategy on public and community engagement and outreach. The Committee believes that it is important that the interests of Jacari and KEEN are not overlooked as a result of these changes in funding provision and responsibility. Jacari currently has some 400 student volunteers (from Oxford and Brookes) tutoring a similar number of ethnic minority children in the vicinity of Oxford. Many of the children are low achievers at school and in addition to teaching them English the volunteers act as their mentors and often provide a valuable point of contact for their wider families. KEEN similarly attracts a large number of student volunteers (currently 300 from Oxford and Brookes) who organise and undertake regular activities with young people with special needs in the Oxford Area. Both act as excellent ambassadors for the University within the wider Oxford community and there are very good reasons why the University should continue to support them.

Further information. Further information can be obtained from the Clerk to the Proctors, Dr Brian Gasser (telephone: Oxford (2)80190, e-mail:

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Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth Professorship of American History 2009-10

ROBIN KELLEY, PH.D University of California, Los Angeles, Professor of History and American Studies, University of Southern California, has been appointed to the visiting professorship for the academic year 2009–10.

Professor Kelley will be a fellow of Queen's College.

Conferment of the Title of Visiting Professor

The Medical Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery on C.P.D. LAVY, MB BS MD Lond, M.CH Liv, currently Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Malawi, for five years from 1 June 2009.

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