University of Oxford

Oxford University Gazette, 25 September 2008:
Prizes, Grants, and Funding

Griffiths Memorial Studentship 2009


The Griffiths Memorial Studentship will be awarded, provided there is a suitable candidate, to a citizen of the United Kingdom who is registered for a master's degree in the Faculty of English Language and Literature from Michaelmas Term 2009. The studentship, which is to be tenable for one year in the first instance, is renewable for up to two years. The award will provide a maintenance grant and University fees at the home/EU rate. The studentship will be tenable at St Hilda's College.

The field of study is to be related to the history of the book in the British Isles before 1625. Further information and application materials can be obtained from Ms H. Morris, English Faculty Administrator, English Faculty, St Cross Building, Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UQ. Note. This replaces the notice published in the Gazette of 24 July, Vol. 138, p. 1393. The studentship is tenable at St Hilda's College, not St John's, as previously stated, and is open only to those studying for a master's degree in the Faculty of English and Literature.

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Green Templeton College

Richard Normann Prize 2008

The Richard Normann Prize, value £500, offered under the auspices of Green Templeton College and Normann Partners, will be awarded to any doctoral student, academic or business practitioner whose submission in the opinion of the prize jury does most to further the intellectual legacy of Richard Normann, a leading management thinker on the service economy. It is intended to encourage and reward outstanding insights into the service economy, value co-production and business innovation and change.

Submissions should be in the form of an essay or article of up to 6,000 words, and should be submitted by 1 November. The winner will be announced in late December or early January 2009. Further information and the full submission guidelines can be found at

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Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Mary Evelyn Lucking Prize in Medicine

The Royal College of Physicians has agreed to assist in the award of the above Prize which has been established by the late Tom Scotson Lucking in memory of his wife with the object of assisting students in medicine.

The Prize is of the value of not less than £750. It is to be awarded for a significant contribution or research normally before completion of higher medical training within seven years of taking the final MB degree (or equivalent for a flexible trainee) in the field of (a) leukaemia research, (b) nephrology or (c) dermatology.

The Prize shall be awarded by the Master of Fitzwilliam College, the Director of Studies in Medicine of the college, and the College Bursar in consultation with the Regius Professor of Physic and the Royal College of Physicians.

Applicants are required to submit six copies of their curriculum vitae and up to five publications of original research in the field. Applicants are also asked to submit letters of application through proposers prepared to cite them for the award.

Applications should be sent to the Master, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge CB3 ODG, by Monday, 10 November.

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