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Oxford University Gazette, 21 May 2009: University Acts


Changes in Regulations

The General Purposes Committee of Council has made the following changes in regulations, to come into effect on 5 June.

Saïd Business School and Business Advisory Forum

In Part 2 of Council Regulations 25 of 2002, concerning trusts (Statutes, 2000, p. 719, as redesignated as regulations by Decree (5) of 11 July 2002, Gazette, Vol. 132, p. 1461), in § 311 delete existing regulation 4 and substitute:

'4. (1) There shall be a Business Advisory Council consisting of:

(a) the Vice-Chancellor;

(b) a person appointed by the Benefactor or his successor in title;

(c) the Peter Moores Dean of the Saïd Business School;

(d)–( h) the Vice-Deans and Chief Operating Officer of the Saïd Business School;

and not fewer than fifteen persons drawn from the international business community, appointed by Council after consultation with the Dean.

(2) The Business Advisory Council shall appoint a chairman from among its members.

(3) The period of office for appointed members shall be three years. Appointed members may be re-appointed for a further term of office.

(4) The functions of the Business Advisory Council shall be to advise the Executive Board on the needs of the business community in respect of business education, research, and training, corporate engagement and careers. The members of the Advisory Council will individually and collectively leverage their own knowledge and expertise to inform, challenge, and debate the School's strategy, as articulated by the Executive Board.'

2 Ibid., in the title to the regulations and in regulation 5 (1) (a)–(c) delete 'Business Advisory Forum' and substitute 'Business Advisory Council'.

[These changes, approved by the Saïd Business School and the Social Sciences Division, amend the Trust Regulations for the School, by renaming the Business Advisory Forum as the Business Advisory Council, amending the length of term of office of appointed members from four years to three years, and elaborating on its role and function.]

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Election of Professor of Poetry

On Saturday, 16 May, the following was duly elected as Professor of Poetry, to hold office for five years from Michaelmas Term 2009:


[The votes recorded were: for Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, 129; for Ruth Padel, 297. The nomination of Derek Walcott was withdrawn before the election.]

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Declaration of approval of unopposed Legislative Proposal

No notice of opposition having been given, Mr Vice-Chancellor declared the Legislative Proposal amending Statute VII approved.

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Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Davies, A.S., Philosophy Faculty Centre

Dunn, M.C., Department of Public Health

Kemp, A., Queen's

Laming Macadam, E.M., Land Agent's and Accommodation Office

McEntee, N.F., Department of Zoology

Morningstar, C.T., Mansfield

Siderius, M.E., Worcester

White, D.A., Christ Church

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