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Oxford University Gazette, 19 March 2009: Lectures

Panel Discussion: the future of higher education in the Commonwealth

HIS EXCELLENCY MR KAMALESH SHARMA, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, SIR DAVID KING, FRS, Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, and DR NICOLA BREWER, Chief Executive of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, will take part in this panel discussion, to be held at 5.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 31 March, in the Sheldonian Theatre. The discussion will be chaired by the Rt Hon. Lord Patten of Barnes, Chancellor of the University.

The discussion marks five decades of the Commonwealth Scholarships and the fiftieth anniversary of the University's hosting of the first Commonwealth Education Conference.

Tickets are required for this event. Those wishing to attend are asked to register their interest by e-mailing to

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Alumni Office

DR GEORGE MCGAVIN will lecture at 6 p.m. on Thursday, 19 March, in St Edmund Hall. The lecture is open to all members of the University. Admission costs £10. Those wishing to attend should book through the Alumni Office Web site,, where further information is also available.

Subject: 'Papua New Guinea's secret species.'

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Medical Sciences

Department of Biochemistry: Rodney Porter Memorial Lecture

PROFESSOR ROGER TSIEN, Nobel Laureate, will deliver the Rodney Porter Memorial Lecture at 4 p.m. on Thursday, 26 March, in the Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, the Clarendon Laboratory.

Subject: 'Genetically encoded and synthetic molecules for in vivo and clinical imaging.'

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Bodleian Library

Celebration of Gough Day: Friday, 20 March

Gough Day at the Bodleian Library celebrates the life and collections of Richard Gough (1735–1809), antiquary, bibliographer, topographer, and Director of the Society of Antiquaries (1771–97). His bequest of over 3,700 volumes of printed books, manuscripts, and drawings to the Bodleian Library brought a wealth of Saxon literature and topographical and antiquarian materials that have informed the study of British history ever since. His collections include the famous 'Gough Map', a fourteenth-century road map of Britain, and many eighteenth-century prints and original drawings of prehistoric remains, medieval buildings and monuments, connected with antiquarian publications.

On 20 March, the library remembers him with a show of selected items from the collections, introduced by scholars who work with these materials. The day concludes with a lecture by PROFESSOR ROSEMARY SWEET, University of Leicester, author of Antiquaries: the discovery of the past in eighteenth-century Britain, at 5 p.m. in the Divinity School.

Registration requests should be directed to, to which enquiries may also be addressed.

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Museum of the History of Science

PROFESSOR MARCUS DU SAUTOY will lecture on the making of his television series, The Story of Maths, at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, 31 March, in the Museum of the History of Science. Admission is free and open to the public.

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Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

PROFESSOR VARTAN GREGORIAN, President, Carnegie Foundation, New York, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Friday, 24 April, in the Taylor Institution.

Subject: 'Encounters between faith and reason in Christianity and Islam.'

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All Souls College

Evans-Pritchard Lectures

Smugglers and Shurafâ: Saharan connectivity and the moral unity of the central Sahara

DR JUDITH SCHEELE, Fellow by Examination, Magdalen College, will deliver the Evans-Pritchard Lectures at 5 p.m. on the following days in the Old Library, All Souls College.

Tue. 28 Apr.: 'Camel-herders and truckers, caravanserais and garages: preliminary thoughts on Saharan connectivity.'

Wed. 29 Apr.: 'Cosmopolitan underbellies: Saharan traders and national morality in the Algerian south.'

Tue. 5 May: 'Dates, cocaine, and AK-47s: moral conundrums on the Algero- Malian border.'

Wed. 6 May: 'Shurafâ' as cosmopolitans: hierarchy, genealogies, and their contemporary use.'

Tue. 12 May: 'Trading in the shari'ah: universalising legal aspirations and the quest for local moral autonomy.'

Wed. 13 May: 'Turning movement into place: contemporary Saharan cities and the pitfalls of "hybridity".'

Isaiah Berlin Centennial Seminar on Political Thought

An extended seminar will be held on Wednesday, 3 June, in the Old Library, All Souls College, in celebration of the centennial of the birth of Sir Isaiah Berlin. Admission is free but by ticket only. Application should be made to the Fellows' Secretary, All Souls College (telephone: Oxford (2)89109, e-mail: .uk).

IAN CARTER, Pavia, QUENTIN SKINNER, Cambridge and London, and HILLEL STEINER, Manchester
2.30 p.m.: 'Berlin on negative and positive liberty.' (Chaired by Myles Burnyeat)

4.30 p.m.: 'Berlin and the plurality of value.' (Chaired by G.A. Cohen)

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Green Templeton College

Archie Cochrane Lecture

PROFESSOR HAROLD JAFFE, Head, Department of Public Health, will deliver the seventeenth 'Effectiveness and Efficiency' anniversary lecture at 6 p.m. on Thursday, 19 March, in the E.P. Abraham Lecture Theatre, Green Templeton College.

Subject: 'The global AIDS epidemic: past and future.'

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New College

Figuring lateness: late style, old age, and belatedness

This symposium will be held in New College on Monday, 30 March.

The symposium will examine issues related to the idea of 'Lateness'. It will draw on the pivotal approaches to the question of lateness in the work of Theodor Adorno, Edward Said, and Gordon McMullan, but will also attempt to open up debate in new ways beyond the question of an individual's 'late style': by exploring, for example, the relationship between the idea of lateness and genius; lateness and gender; lateness and early death, lateness and philosophies of time or constructions of cultural memory and the link between biographical and epochal lateness or belatedness.

Further details and a registration form are available from Maggie Davies (e-mail:, telephone: Oxford (2)79552).

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Wolfson College


CARMEN BUGAN, Wolfson College Creative Arts Fellow, will read from her latest work: her collection of poems The House of Straw, and her memoir Burying the typewriter, at 6.30 p.m. on Thursday, 12 March, in the Buttery, Wolson College. All welcome. Refreshments will be served.

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Oxford Asian Textile Group

The following lectures will be given at 5.45 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Pauling Centre, 58 Banbury Road. Admission for visitors costs £2. Enquiries may be directed to Rosemary Lee (e-mail:

15 Apr.: 'Naga textiles: identifying the tribe—continuing a culture.'

24 June: 'North Vietnamese embroidery: exploring a partnership project with London, Limerick, and Hai Duong.'

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