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Oxford University Gazette, 15 January 2009:
Prizes, Grants, and Funding

Oxford University Society Awards 2009

Applications are invited for this year's Oxford University Society annual awards for current students. Awards will be distributed in Trinity Term. Awards are offered in the following categories:


Deadline: 9 March (5 p.m)

Individual Travel. Awards for independent travel that will help your personal development, and will make a difference to you during your time at Oxford University.

Group Travel. Awards for a university or college group travelling together for a common purpose.


Deadline: 9 March (5 p.m)

OUS has partnered with the University Sports Federation in order to make these awards to provide assistance to talented University sportspeople, allowing them to excel in their chosen sport, and make a difference to the Oxford sporting community.

OUS Regional Network Awards

Awards from regional alumni groups to students from their area currently studying at Oxford.

Dorset Branch (deadline: 21 March)

Hertfordshire Branch (deadline: 23 March)

West Sussex Branch (deadline: 12 April)

East Kent Branch (deadline: 1 May)

Further details of the awards, including application forms and information on how to apply, may be found on the Alumni Web site, (or e-mail: