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Oxford University Gazette, 14 May 2009:
Prizes, Grants, and Funding

Rothermere American Institute

Abraham and Henrietta Brettschneider Cornell Award Fund

Through a generous gift from Mr Michael Borkan, an alumnus of Cornell University and Pembroke College, the Rothermere American Institute is pleased to announce the establishment of this fund in honour of Mr Borkan's maternal grandparents, Abraham and Henrietta Brettschneider.

The purpose of the Brettschneider fund is to facilitate academic exchanges between Oxford and Cornell University. It is designed to promote scholarly interchange between the two universities, principally in the social sciences and humanities.

The deadline for applications for the 2009–10 academic year is 12 June 2009. There is no application form. The fund will be administered at Oxford by the RAI and at Cornell by the Institute for European Studies. Proposals and inquiries may be directed to Lucy Dugmore (e-mail:

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Oriel College

Eugene Lee-Hamilton Prize 2009

The Provost and Fellows of Oriel College offer a prize of £60 for the best Petrarchan Sonnet in English submitted by an undergraduate of Oxford or Cambridge, on a subject to be chosen by the candidate. Enjambment between the eighth and ninth lines will be permitted.

No candidate may submit more than one sonnet, nor may the prize be awarded more than once to the same person. The competing sonnets should be sent to Vivienne Pearson, Oriel College, Oxford OX1 4EW, by Friday, 22 May, and entrants will be informed of the results by the end of eighth week. Each sonnet must be accompanied by a certificate from the head or fellow of the candidate's college, stating that the candidate is an undergraduate.

The winner will have been deemed to have given permission to publish his/her sonnet in the Oriel Record.

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