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Oxford University Gazette, 12 February 2009: Appointments

Merton College

The Wardenship

Merton College intends to elect a new Warden as Head of College with effect from 1 October 2010, or as soon as possible thereafter, following the retirement of Professor Dame Jessica Rawson, FBA.

Merton College, which was founded in 1264 with the aim of promoting teaching and independent scholarship, is one of the most academically distinguished educational institutions in Britain. It possesses exceptional facilities for learning and research and is home to a thriving international student body and fellowship. It admits equal numbers of undergraduate and graduate students and has established a variety of Research Fellowships to promote the careers of young scholars. It also hosts a number of Senior Research Fellows of the highest academic distinction, and has set up three very active interdisciplinary research centres. Every effort has been made to widen academic access to the college of recent years through the appointment of a professional Schools' Liaison Officer and ongoing communication with an increasingly diverse range of schools. The college wishes to consolidate and build upon these achievements as it approaches the 750th anniversary of the foundation in 2014.

The college is seeking a Warden of high intellectual calibre who will share and promote the academic values of the foundation, foster good relations between students, fellows, staff and alumni, contribute to its future strategic and financial planning, and represent its interests in the collegiate University and the wider academic community worldwide. The college is an equal opportunities employer.

The college welcomes direct applications and nominations of potential candidates. Further particulars may be obtained from Ms Lesley Walsh, the Sub-Warden's Secretary, and are also available on the college Web site at The deadline for receipt of applications and nominations is 18 February.

Potential candidates wishing to discuss the post informally in the first instance are invited to contact the Sub-Warden, Professor Richard McCabe (telephone: Oxford (2)76289, e-mail: