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Supplement (4) to Oxford University Gazette No. 4855. Wednesday, 8 October 2008.

Scholarships and Prizes 2008: Biological Sciences

Boise Fund Research Awards

The Boise Fund was established by Mr Charles Watson Boise to support research on the antiquity and evolutionary origin of modern Homo sapiens and other hominins, with particular emphasis on the continued exploration of appropriate sites in Africa, and on the early migration of Palaeolithic communities.

The Committee for the administration of the Boise Fund invites applications from Oxford University-based researchers, including graduate students. Applications for amounts between £2,000 and £20,000 will be considered in this round. The Committee would be particularly pleased to support research proposals that are interdisciplinary and/or constitute pilot work for the establishment of larger, on-going projects. Proposals may include support for fieldwork, laboratory work and/or archival research. These awards are not intended to support conference attendance.

Applications for grants from the Fund should state aims, specifically including how the proposal would satisfy the purposes of the gift from Mr Boise, methods, and expected research output (maximum of one A4 page), estimated costs (maximum of one A4 page), and a curriculum vitae (maximum of one A4 page). University post holders should nominate a senior member of academic staff at Oxford who could provide by e-mail a statement of support if requested by the Committee. Applications from graduate students and postdoctoral researchers must include a letter of support from their advisor or Head of Department, as appropriate.

The closing date for applications is 20 October 2008. Applications and any enquiries about the fund should be sent to Mrs Judith Brown, MPLS Divisional Office, 9 Parks Road (telephone: Oxford 282464) or

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