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Supplement (4) to Oxford University Gazette No. 4855. Wednesday, 8 October 2008.

Scholarships and Prizes 2008: Travel and Study Abroad

Abbey-Santander Academic Travel Awards

These awards are to enable postgraduate students at the University of Oxford—of any nationality—to travel to Santander Network countries, which include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Spain, and Portugal, for academic-related activities, including short visits to Santander universities to carry out collaborative work, to conduct fieldwork, to engage in other study projects or to present at a conference, either during the summer vacation or during the academic year 2009–10. Awards will not normally exceed £1,000. Applications merely for conference attendance or for poster presentations will not be considered.

Further details will be available from the International Student Advisory Service in Hilary Term 2009. The closing date has not yet been agreed, but is expected to be during Trinity Term. International Student Advisory Service, Room 5, Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford OX1 4BG (telephone: (2)70105, e-mail:

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