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Supplement (4) to Oxford University Gazette No. 4855. Wednesday, 8 October 2008.

Scholarships and Prizes 2008: Social Sciences

Carlos De Sola Wright Memorial Fund

The Board of Management for the Carlos de Sola Wright Memorial Fund gives notice that it is prepared to consider applications for financial assistance from postgraduate students who are working for postgraduate degrees and diplomas of the University and whose research or study may be considered likely to further the advancement or welfare of the people of Central America (for the purpose of the fund Mexico is not regarded as part of Central America). Priority will be given to research or study concerning El Salvador. Applications, which must be accompanied by a letter of support from the student's supervisor, should be submitted to: The Administrator, Latin American Centre, St Antony's College, Oxford OX2 6JF, and should normally arrive by Friday, 6 March 2009 and should state:

(i) name, college, degree for which student is reading, and term of admission;

(ii) the faculty board under which he or she is studying and the subject of the thesis;

(iii) the amount of the grant requested and (briefly) an account of the expenses involved;

(iv) whether the student holds a State award and if so, what steps have been taken to claim additional expenses and with what result;

(v) if the applicant does not hold a State award, how he or she is at present supported. Please also include a curriculum vitae and a summary of not more than 500 words of the applicant's research. It is hoped to make known the results of applications early in Trinity Term.

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