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Supplement (4) to Oxford University Gazette No. 4855. Wednesday, 8 October 2008.

Scholarships and Prizes 2008: Medical Sciences

Bristol Myers Prize in Cardiology 2009

Applications are invited for the Bristol Myers Prize in Cardiology. The value of the prize shall be £100 and the closing date for the submission of essays is Friday, 12 June 2009.

The prize is open to clinical students working in Oxford for the Second Examination for the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and is awarded annually (provided that candidates of sufficient merit present themselves) for an essay on a topic relating to Cardiology. Essays (two copies) shall be submitted to the Medical Sciences Office, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington, Oxford OX3 9DU under a nom de plume. The word limit for entries is c.5,000 words for the text, excluding references. If the judges are unable to distinguish between the merits of two or more candidates the prize shall be divided accordingly. No person may be awarded the prize more than once. Any submission for the prize must be accompanied by a 'Declaration of Authorship' form. This form can be obtained from the Medical Sciences Office or downloaded from Weblearn at:

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