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Oxford University Gazette, 31 January 2008: Notices


Committee on Statutes Before the Privy Council

Consent to new statutes of Templeton College (the incorporation of Green Templeton College)

The Committee on Statutes before the Privy Council, acting under authority delegated to it by Council, is minded to give consent on behalf of the University to the new statutes of Templeton College as approved by the Governing Body on 24 January 2008 in so far as such consent is required by Section 7 (2) of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1923. This consent will be effective unless written notice of a resolution, signed by at least twenty members of Congregation, calling upon Council to withhold that consent, has been given to the Registrar by noon on Monday. 11 February.

The new statutes incorporate Green Templeton College in terms that update the existing provisions of Templeton College.

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Balliol College

The Balliol Concerts

The following concerts will be held at 9 p.m. on Sundays in Balliol College. Admission is free, and all members of the University are welcome to attend. Further programme information can be found at

3 Feb. (Ernest Walker Memorial Concert): YOSSI ZIVONI (violin), MIA COOPER (violin), IAN JEWEL (viola), and LEONID GORAKHOV (cello) (the Zivoni Quartet) perform works by Mozart, Shostakovich, and Dvorák.

17 Feb.: BEATRIX KLEIN performs piano works by Scarlatti, Haydn, Scriabin, Liszt, Prokofiev, and Surendran.

2 Mar.: JULIAN STECKEL performs works for cello by Bach, Ligeti, and Lutoslawski.

Harris Manchester College

Recitals and concerts

The following recitals and concerts will be held at 1.30 p.m. on Thursdays in the chapel, Harris Manchester College. Admission is free, with a retiring collection. Enquiries should be directed to Myles Hartley (e-mail:

31 Jan.: CORRINA CONNOR (baroque cello) and MYLES HARTLEY (harpsichord) perform works by Vivaldi, Corette, and Domenico Gabrielli.

7 Feb.: HARRIS MANCHESTER MUSICIANS AND ARTISTS explore ideas of circularity and the journey in music, drawing, and painting.

14 Feb.: PETER MCMULLIN (piano) and LUCIA SIMON (soprano) perform lyrical music to celebrate St Valentine's Day.

21 Feb.: MYLES HARTLEY (piano) and JOHN BUCKLEY (tenor): French and German songs, with works by Brahms, Hahn, Wolf, and Fauré ;.

28 Feb.: ROBERT RYAN (fiddle) and EMILY SPIERS (voice) perform traditional music of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

6 Mar.: CATHY MARKALL performs works for violin, including Mozart's Sonata in B flat.

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Reconferment of the Title of Visiting Professor

The Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board has reconferred the title of Visiting Professor in Physics upon PROFESSOR KEIICHI TORIMITSU, PH.D Keio, Japan, for three years from 1 January 2008.

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The composition of the electoral board to the post below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows.

Note: this replaces the notice published in the Gazette of 24 January, p. 532.

Chichele Professorship of Social and Political Theory

                               Appointed by

    The Principal of St Hugh's    Mr Vice-Chancellor
    The Warden of All Souls       ex officio
    Professor D. Miller           Council
    Professor S. Mendus           Council
    Professor M. Freeden          Social Sciences Board
    Dr M. Philp                   Department of Politics and 
                                        International Relations
    Professor W. Kymlicka         Department of Politics and 
                                        International Relations
    Mr D. Parfit                  Humanities Board
    Professor C. Hood             All Souls College
[1] Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Sects. 10 and 11 of Statute IX (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, Vol. 133, p. 108).

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