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Oxford University Gazette, 29 May 2008:
Prizes, Grants, and Funding

Kennicott Hebrew Fellowship

The Board of Management for the Kennicott and Pusey and Ellerton Fund proposes to elect to the Kennicott Hebrew Fellowship, tenable from 12 October 2008 for two years, with the possibility of renewal thereafter for one further year. The value of the fellowship shall initially be up to £19,263, dependent on the fellow's other sources of income. Candidates will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of Hebrew, will have successfully completed a doctorate or will be in the process of doing so, and will have research interests in the Classical Hebrew language, literature, history, or archaeology, or the cognate Semitic languages, so far as they illustrate Hebrew.

The terms of the trust fund stipulate that certain conditions must be attached to this appointment, so it is essential that interested applicants obtain a copy of the further particulars before submitting an application. These should be obtained by writing to the Secretary to the Board of Management for the Kennicott and Pusey and Ellerton Funds, the Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane, Oxford OX1 2LE, or by consulting the Oriental Studies Web site at html. The deadline for applications is Friday, 20 June, and it is expected that interviews will be held on 16 July.

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Corpus Christi College, Harvard University, and Michael and Louisa Von Clemm Foundation Inc.

Michael von Clemm Fellowship 2009–10

Applications are invited for a Michael von Clemm Fellowship for study at Harvard University during the academic year 2009–10. The fellowship is in memory of Michael von Clemm (1935–97), who was a graduate of Harvard and a graduate student (and subsequently Honorary Fellow) of Corpus Christi College. It is open to undergraduates from all academic disciplines at the University who will be entering their final year in October 2008 and also to those who will complete their degree in June 2008. It is intended to attract applicants of very high academic calibre and who have the personal qualities likely to conduce to success in an academic or a non- academic career. The holder will also be perceived (however informally) as an 'ambassadorial' representative of Oxford at Harvard, and should be content with and capable of that role.

The successful applicant will spend a year at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences as a Special Student following a course of study or research of his or her choice (subject to the availability of tuition or supervision at Harvard); he/she must apply to and be registered at that School and no other. The fellowship is not intended for those wishing to study vocational subjects, such as Business Administration or Law. Potential applicants are advised to look at the School Web site

(, and should if possible list in their application the specific courses there which they hope to take.

The fellowship will meet the costs of all tuition at Harvard as well as travel between Boston and the UK and will provide an allowance sufficient to cover the costs of living at Harvard.

Those wishing to be considered should write to the College Secretary, Corpus Christi College, Oxford OX1 4JF (or e-mail:, asking for further particulars and an application form, together with a copy of the information for referees. It is the responsibility of applicants to ask three referees to write directly to the same address. Completed application forms and references must reach the College Secretary not later than 24 October 2008. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

It is expected that interviews will be held towards the end of November. Short-listed candidates will be expected to attend an interview in Oxford.

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