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Oxford University Gazette, 28 February 2008: Notices


Oriental Studies

A play entitled Love's Labour (based on an ancient Japanese comedy, Kyogen), written and directed by Masaru Sekine, will be performed on 4, 5, and 6 March, at 7.30 p.m., in the O'Reilly Theatre, Keble College.

The play will be in Japanese, subtitled in English. The actors are students of Japanese studies and will wear Japanese traditional costume.

Tickets, costing £5, may be obtained at the door.

Further information can be found at Enquiries may be directed to Hiroe Kaji (e-mail:

Hertford College

THE BLENHEIM SINGERS and the HERTFORD BRUCKNER ORCHESTRA will perform Motets by Bruckner, and the Symphony No. 7, at 8 p.m. on Saturday, 1 March, in the University Church.

Tickets, costing £5 and £3, may be obtained from the Hertford College Lodge, or at the door.

General Purposes Committee

Annual Report of the Clubs Committee 2006–7

Chaired by the Assessor and comprising three other members of Congregation and four student representatives, the Clubs Committee provides support for those student clubs, societies and publications that register with the Proctors under Rules Committee Regulations. The Committee particularly focuses on supporting non-sports clubs and publications, as sports clubs look to the Sports Department in the first instance. The Committee's activities are financed mainly by the University (through the Committee for the Council Departments) and by the colleges collectively (through a per capita levy).

The committee's administrative office (staffed by two part-time employees reporting to the Clerk to the Proctors) was relocated at the end of September 2006 from Littlegate House to the Sports Complex. This move, which followed the Committee's earlier relocation from 13 Bevington Road, was prompted by the high cost of servicing the accommodation in Littlegate House. One consequence, greatly regretted by the cCommittee, is that it became unable to continue to offer rooms and storage facilities for rental by student clubs and societies. This reduction in the type of support available from the committee caused particular difficulties for several charitable organisations and the OU First Aid Unit; efforts have been made to provide alternative facilities in such cases.

Clubs Committee staff give advice and support to registered clubs, in matters such as registration procedures and keeping accurate accounts. An annual booklet, Regulations and Notes of Guidance for Student Clubs, Societies and Other Organisations, produced jointly with the Proctors' Office and also published on the Clubs Committee's Web site, offers helpful information and good-practice tips to students who are planning to set up or are already running clubs, societies and publications.

The Committee wishes to draw attention to the large number and diverse activities of the student organisations registering with the Proctors (some 140, excluding sports clubs in 2006–7). These activities embrace a wide range of social, cultural, political, academic, religious, and charitable interests; they contribute significantly to the quality of student life in Oxford and, in the volunteering sector, reach out to disadvantaged groups in the city, the UK, and internationally.

Grants and loans to registered student organisations are an important feature of the support provided by the Clubs Committee. During 2006–7, the Committee continued to operate a scheme of start-up grants under which newly registered organisations can apply for funding of up to £200. Beneficiaries of such grants included: the International Relations Society, the Middle East Studies Society, the Oxford Symphonic Band, the Migration Studies Society, and The Inklings journal. Established student organisations receiving financial support for special projects included: Jacari (relocation costs), the OU Anthropological Society (running a conference), and the OU Exploration Club (Web site development).

The Committee's other main support activity was the Minibus Hire and Driver Assessment Scheme, run in conjunction with the Sports Department and the University's Insurance Section. This enabled students to hire minibuses from two local firms for bona fide club purposes and drive them at a younger age than normally allowed by the hire companies, using university insurance. Throughout the year, driver assessment courses were held on a total of sixteen days (three courses per day), contributing to an 'approved minibus driver' list of about 250 current students. Just over 700 vehicle hire days were supported. There were just seven insurance 'events' where minor damage was caused to vehicles during hire: none of these involved any personal injury and the Clubs Committee is proud of the continuing excellent safety record promoted by the Minibus Scheme.

The Committee warmly records its appreciation of the work done by the staff of its administrative office, Mr Bob Barnes and Mrs Clare Brennan; and by its secretary, the Clerk to the Proctors (Dr Brian Gasser).

                                                                DR PAUL COONES
                                 Assessor, and Chairman of the Clubs Committee

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