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Oxford University Gazette, 26 June 2008: Lectures

Medical Sciences

PROFESSOR MONTY KRIEGER, Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will lecture at 1 p.m. on Monday, 7 July, in Room 3b, the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre.

Convener: Professor Siamon Gordon.

Subject: 'Charting the fate of the "good cholesterol"—characterisation of the HDL receptor SR-BI and its influence on coronary heart disease.'

DR RICHARD FARAGHER, University of Brighton, Director of Strategic Promotion of Ageing Research Capacity (SPARC), will lecture at 1 p.m. (admission from 12.30 p.m.) on Wednesday, 9 July, in the University Museum of Natural History. The lecture is open to all members of the University.

Convener: Dr Lynne Cox.

Subject: 'Ageing: the best news for a billion years?'

Oxford Biomedical Imaging Festival 2008

The second annual Oxford Biomedical Imaging Festival will be held on Tuesday, 16 September, from 9 a.m., in the Garden Quadrangle Auditorium, St John's College. The festival is aimed at gathering together all biomedical imaging scientists across the University and its partner NHS hospitals, working at all scales from microscopy to radiology.

Registration is free to members of the University's biomedical imaging community and to the University's NHS partners. Those attending are invited to present posters of their work, and to indicate if they would like to contribute a fifteen-minute talk as part of the Proffered Talks session.

Details of the event, and of registration arrangements, can be found at

Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics

PROFESSOR FRITZ ROTH, Harvard Medical School, will give a seminar at 12 noon on Friday, 22 August, in the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics.

Convener: Professor Shoumo Bhattacharya.

Subject: 'Systematic analysis of genetic interactions from yeast to humans.'

Neuroscience Grand Round: Guest Lectures

DR MATTHEW WOOD will lecture at 11.30 a.m. on Friday, 11 July, in Lecture Theatre 1, the Academic Block, the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Subject: 'Gene therapy for neurodegenerative disorders: quo vadis?'

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Oriental Studies

The rise of the Persian Renaissance

This conference will be held on 14 July (from 9.10 a.m) and 15 July in Wadham College and the Holywell Music Room. Registration is required: details can be found at

Convener: Dr Firuza Abullaeva.

Monday, 14 July. Session 1: Before the Silence

9.20 a.m.: 'On the early Persian version of the Arday Viraf Nama.'

10 a.m.: 'The man with the panther's skin: Rustam before Firdousi.'

10.40 a.m.: 'Continuity and cultural identity in ancient Persia.'

Session 2: On the edge

VICTORIA KRYUKOVA, Kunstkamera Museum, St Petersburg 11.40 a.m.: 'Cult niches in Central Asia: before and under Islam.'

ABOLALA SOUDAVAR, independent scholar, New York
12.20 p.m.: 'Mithraic societies: a lasting structure for Iranian brotherhoods.'

Session 3: Still on the edge

ALI KOLESNIKOV, Institute of Oriental Studies, St Petersburg2 p.m.: 'On Arabo-Muslim clichés in late Zoroastrian scriptures.'

OLEG GRABAR, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
2.40 p.m.: 'Origins of Persian painting.'

Session 4: On another edge

ANTON PRITULA, Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg3.40 p.m.: 'Syriac poetry with Persian approach.'

4.20 p.m.: 'Middle Persian literature and New Persian literature: continuity or discontinuity?'

Tuesday, 15 July. Session 5: Hedonistic Renaissance in poetry

ALI MIRANSARI, Great Islamic Encyclopaedia, Teheran
9.10 a.m.: 'Aesthetics of the early Persian wine odes.'

NATALIA CHALISOVA, Russian University of Humanities, Moscow
9.50 a.m.: 'Wine is a great healer: a New Persian topos in retrospection.'

10.30 a.m.: 'Sparkling and ravishing: wine in Rudaki's poetry.'

Session 6: After the Silence, first attempts at revival

11.30 a.m.: 'The tradition of the genre of riddle in Persian literature before Islam and after the Arab conquest.'

12.10 p.m.: 'Pre-Islamic in Islamic: the feast of sada in early Persian poetry.'

Session 7: The rise of the Renaissance

2 p.m.: 'Gardizi, the Seljuks, and the Persian Renaissance.'

2.40 p.m.: 'Retrieving women's voices in early Persian poetry.'

Session 8: Revival in prose

EDMUND HERZIG, Oxford3.40 p.m.: 'The "Persian Revival" in narratives of Iranian nationalism.'

ALI DEHBASHI, Bukhara journal, Teheran
4.20 p.m.: 'Publishing scholarly classics on Persian literary classics: pros and con of the new project.' (Followed by closing remarks by Dr Firuza Abdullaeva and Dr Asghar Seyed- Gohrab, University of Leiden)

Art, patronage and society in the Muslim Deccan from the fourteenth century to the present day

This conference will be held in the University on 4, 5, and 6 July.

The architecture and art associated with the polities known as 'Deccani Sultanates', which flourished in the Indian sub-continent between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries, are receiving increasing scholarly attention. The conference will explore them in a broader socio-historical perspective, examining the cultural premises that brought them into existence, the dynamics of their development, and the legacy of this rich and diverse heritage to the present day.

A public lecture and a round-table discussion will additionally explore the issue of conservation of the architectural heritage in the sub-continent today, with a focus on the Deccan's regional capital, Hyderabad, as a paradigm of the challenges India's historical cities face in this phase of fast urban development.

Further information may be found at

Registration requests and enquiries should be addressed to Alessandra Cereda (e-mail: The deadline for registration is 20 June.

Conveners: Professor J.W. Allan and Dr L.E. Parodi.

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Michael Argyle Forum for Psychology and Religion

PROFESSOR JULIE EXLINE, Associate Professor of Psychology, Case Western Reserve University, will hold a seminar at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, 2 July, in the Charles Wellbeloved Room, Harris Manchester College. Enquiries may be directed to Joanna Collicutt (e-mail:

Subject: 'Anger toward God and emotional atheism.'

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Bodleian Library

Centre for the Study of the Book

PROFESSOR JOSEPH GWARA, US Naval Academy, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, 2 July, in Room 132, the New Bodleian. Enquiries may be directed to Dr Alexandra Franklin (e-mail:

Subject: 'Four early English printers—Robert Copland, Henry Pepwell, Henry Watson, Wynkyn de Worde.'

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Christ Church

Dying and living: faith matters

The Christ Church Cathedral Summer Lectures will be held at 4.30 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Priory Room. The lectures are open to the public.

9 July: 'Life out of death—cross-cultural approaches to death and regeneration.'

THE VEN. JULIAN HUBBARD, Archdeacon of Oxford
16 July: 'Living and dying in the NHS: an interfaith perspective.'

23 July: ' "Keep your mind in hell, and despair not" (Silouan).'

THE REVD CANON PROFESSOR NIGEL BIGGAR, Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology
30 July: 'Medical killing should not be legal; therefore it is not ethical.'

CANON PROFESSOR SARAH FOOT, Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History
6 Aug.: 'Living with the dead: saints and pilgrims in the earlier medieval church.'

13 Aug.: 'Climbing Jacob's ladder: living where heaven and earth meet.'

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Kellogg College

Centre for Creative Writing

SUDEEP SEN, one of India's leading younger poets, will read from his work at 6 p.m. on Monday, 30 June, in the Mawby Pavilion, Kellogg College. The event is held to celebrate the second graduating year of students from the M.St in Creative Writing. Members of the Writing Centre will also read from their work, and there may be an opportunity for those attending to read their own short poem, or paragraph of prose.

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