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Oxford University Gazette, 24 July 2008: Notices


Curators of the University Libraries: Access to Arts End, Duke Humfrey's Library, Bodleian Library

For many years current members of the University (those holding blue University cards) have been allowed to obtain permits to take guests to visit the Arts End in Duke Humfrey's Library, to view the most historic parts of the Bodleian Library. Some changes are being introduced to the procedure.

Any University member holding a blue University card who wishes to bring in guests should go to the Libraries Admissions Office in the Clarendon Building, where staff will issue him or her with a permit to escort up to four guests. The permit will specify the time of the visit. At the appointed time, the reader and his/her guests should go to the porter at the North Proscholium of the Old Library and present the permit, whereupon all guests will be issued with dated badges which they will be required to wear during their visit. The permit gives permission to visit the Arts End only as far as the barrier, and visits may last no more than fifteen minutes. Readers will sign out their guests with the porter at the end of this time.

The Curators hope that these revised procedures will enable members of the University to continue to share the unique beauty of the Bodleian's historic Old Library with guests, while ensuring that the security of the building is safeguarded and visitor numbers managed appropriately.

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Nuffield Professorship of Surgery

FREDDIE CHARLES HAMDY, MB CH.B Alexandria, MD Sheff, Professor and Head of Urology, Academic Urology Unit, University of Sheffield and Head, Section of Oncology, University of Sheffield School of Medicine, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 October 2008.

Professor Hamdy will be a fellow of Balliol College.

Conferments and Reconferments of the Title of Visiting Professor

The Medical Sciences Board has conferred the following titles of Visiting Professor, in each case for three years from 1 July 2008:

Interventional Neuroradiology: J. FIEHLER, PD (MED), Consultant Neuroradiologist, Assistant Professor, University Hospital, Hamburg

Molecular Biophysics: S.E.V. PHILLLIPS, B.SC PH.D Lond, Director, Research Complex, Diamond and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Neurosurgery: H. SCHMIDEK

The Medical Sciences Board has reconferred the following titles of Visiting Professor, for the periods stated:

Mammalian Genetics: R.D. COX, B.SC PH.D Lond, for five years from 1 March 2008

Public Health: L.O. GOSLIN, BA, JD, LL.D, for five years from 1 July 2008

The Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board has reconferred the title of Visiting Professor in Zoology on PROFESSOR FRITZ VOLLRATH, M.SC Göttingen and Freiburg, PH.D Freiburg, for three years from 1 July 2008.

Oxford University Library Services

The following appointments have recently been made within the Oxford University Library Services:

Director of Administration: LAURENCE BENSON

Assistant Director, Collections and Resource Description: ALICE KELLER

Assistant Director, Research and Learning Services: JOANNE SPARKS

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