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Oxford University Gazette, 24 July 2008: Lectures

Medical Sciences

Oxford Biomedical Imaging Festival 2008

The second annual Oxford Biomedical Imaging Festival will be held on Tuesday, 16 September, from 9 a.m., in the Garden Quadrangle Auditorium, St John's College. The festival is aimed at gathering together all biomedical imaging scientists across the University and its partner NHS hospitals, working at all scales from microscopy to radiology.

Registration is free to members of the University's biomedical imaging community and to the University's NHS partners. Those attending are invited to present posters of their work, and to indicate if they would like to contribute a fifteen-minute talk as part of the Proffered Talks session.

Details of the event, and of registration arrangements, can be found at

Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics

PROFESSOR FRITZ ROTH, Harvard Medical School, will give a seminar at 12 noon on Friday, 22 August, in the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics.

Convener: Professor Shoumo Bhattacharya.

Subject: 'Systematic analysis of genetic interactions from yeast to humans.'

Botnar Research Centre

The following seminars will be held at 12.30 p.m. on Fridays in the Botnar Research Centre.

5 Sept.: 'New insights into the resolution of inflammation and the development of new anti-inflammatory drugs.'

PROFESSOR MINGCAI QIU, Tianjin Medical University Hospital, China
12 Sept.: 'Bone, kidney, and muscular biopsies in metabolic diseases.'

PROFESSOR MICHAEL DOHERTY, City Hospital, Nottingham
10 Oct.: 'An update of OA Nottingham research.'

PROFESSOR TIM HARDINGHAM, UK Centre for Tissue Engineering, University of Manchester
17 Oct.: 'Cartilage, chondrocytes, and chondrogenesis.'

7 Nov.: Postgraduate presentations.

PROFESSOR MOUSTAPHA KASSEM, Odense University Hospital, Denmark
21 Nov.: 'Stem cells for bone regeneration: from basic biology to clinical applications.'

DR ARI GRIGORIADIS, King's College, London
5 Dec.: 'FGF receptor signalling in the pathogenesis of osteosarcoma.'

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Medieval and Modern Languages

Kafka and Modernist short prose

This conference, funded by the John Fell OUP Research Fund, will be held from Monday, 29 September, to Wednesday, 1 October, in St John's College. Full details can be found at a/.

Conveners: Professor Manfred Engel and Professor Ritchie Robertson.

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Museum of the History of Science

Public lectures

The following public lectures will be given at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays in the Museum of the History of Science. Admission is free.

DR ROGER HUTCHINS, author of British University Observatories, 1772–1939
19 Aug.: 'Astronomy and controversy: the Oxford observatories, 1772–1939.'

PROFESSOR CRAIG CLUNAS, Professor of the History of Art
2 Sept.: 'Wise men from the west, or pirate spies? The Jesuits seen from Ming China.'

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Christ Church

Tower Poetry Summer School

Tower Poetry's annual summer school, for young poets aged 18–23, will be held in Christ Church, 26–29 August. The residential school gives twelve young people the opportunity to develop their own writing and critical skills through a series of exciting and challenging workshops, run this year by Jane Draycott, a UK-based poet with a particular interest in sound art and collaborative and digital work, and Frances Leviston, whose first volume of poems was short-listed for this year's T.S. Eliot Prize.

Professor David Morley, Professor of Creative Writing, National Teaching Fellow and Director of the Warwick Writing Programme and the newly announced Warwick Prize for Writing will give readings from his work.

The course offers its students a unique and challenging opportunity to work with other writers. At the end of the summer school, the students' work will be collected and edited for publication in a pamphlet.

This year's summer school is now fully subscribed. Further details can be found at ol/.

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