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Oxford University Gazette, 22 May 2008: Notices


Notice on Behalf of Council: External Membership of Council

Invitation to Congregation to submit nominations for consideration

There are currently two vacant places on Council for external members (two other such places being filled by Ms Alice Perkins and Mr Bernard Taylor—brief biographical details are set out below). External members are defined in the Council Statute VI as 'persons nominated by Council and approved by Congregation who are not when they are nominated members of Congregation or resident holders or teaching, research, or administrative posts in the University or in any college, society, or Permanent Private Hall'.

Members of Congregation are invited to submit nominations for consideration by the Nomination Committee for the two vacant places, taking account of the criteria set out below, on a form available by writing to the Registrar or by e-mailing—it will be possible to nominate online and details will be provided to enquirers. The Nominations Committee expects that the nominations will be made without any communication by the nominator with the nominee. Nominators should indicate if any informal communication has taken place on the form.

The closing date for nominations is 30 June. The vacant places for external members of Council will also be advertised in the Sunday Times on 1 June, with a deadline for applications of 30 June.

The Nominations Committee will act in accordance with the regulations governing the committee (Council Regulations 15 of 2002—available on the Web site at A list of the current members of Council is available at

The committee will consider all nominations for consideration and applications received by the closing date as well as those candidates proposed by its own members, select from them having due regard to the principles of equality and diversity and the published selection criteria, and make recommendations to Council. Council will consider all recommendations received from the Nominations Committee and will either propose a candidate or candidates for approval by Congregation or will ask the committee to submit further names for its consideration.

If a candidate is rejected by Congregation the committee will propose a further candidate or candidates to be put to Council in accordance with the above procedures until each vacancy is filled.

One of the appointments will be until 30 September 2011, and the other until 30 September 2012. Consideration is being given to the extent of periods for which the appointments will be renewable.

Criteria for external membership of Council

All members of Council will have a strong personal commitment to higher education and to the values, aims and objectives of Oxford as a collegiate University (i.e. the University and its colleges).

In considering nominations for external membership of Council, personal qualities will be the primary consideration, but clearly successful candidates will need to be able to demonstrate significant levels of relevant experience. The Nominations Committee will consider demonstrable evidence of the following:

  • significant experience in a position or positions requiring the exercise of high levels of responsibility;
  • substantial experience in the governance of large complex organisations in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors;
  • the ability to engage with issues such as educational policy, strategic planning, risk management, IT and information systems, property, investment, financial management, and legal issues, in order to ensure a balance of skills and experience on Council;
  • a willingness to represent the values, aims and objectives of the University to those who are not part of the institution and to bring a better understanding of issues outside the institution to the members of the collegiate University;
  • the capacity to act fairly and impartially in the interests of the University as a whole, using independent judgement and maintaining confidentiality as appropriate, and avoiding conflicts of interest. [ tab]The willingness to listen, engage, understand and interact with members of the collegiate University at all levels;
  • the willingness to play a role in liaising between key stakeholders and the University and in fund-raising;
  • the willingness and ability to devote a significant amount of time on a voluntary basis (external members of Council will be expected to spend a minimum of two days per month in Oxford, and additional time considering papers and on telephone calls).

All members have a responsibility for ensuring that Council conducts itself in accordance with accepted standards of behaviour in public life, embracing selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. They must also play an appropriate part in ensuring that the business of Council is carried out efficiently, effectively, and in a manner appropriate for the proper conduct of public business.

Biographical information about Ms Perkins. Alice Perkins, CB, graduated in Modern History (St Anne's, 1971) and went straight into the Civil Service fast-stream. Her career spanned policy and operations in the Departments of Health and Social Security, public spending in HM Treasury and Civil Service reform in the Cabinet Office. In her last job, she reported to the Cabinet Secretary and was responsible for Civil Service wide policies on human resource management, training and development, and reform. She left the Civil Service in 2005 and has since taken on a number of part-time roles. Amongst other things, she is a non-executive director on the Board of TaylorNelsonSofres and is currently on the Saïd Business School's Business Advisory Forum. She is also a part-time executive coach at the JCA Group.

She has been a member of Council since Michaelmas Term 2006. She is Chairman of Nominations Committee and a member of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee and of the Task Force on Academic Employment.

Biographical information about Mr Taylor. Bernard J. Taylor read chemistry at St John's (1975). He began his career at Smiths Industries, before moving to banking at Baring Brothers and Co Ltd and then at Robert Fleming and Co Ltd, where he was Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive. He was Vice-Chairman at J.P. Morgan plc until March 2006. He then became Chief Executive of Braveheart which was acquired in December 2006 by Evercore Partners, of which he is Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive of its European business. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a non-executive director of Oxford Instruments plc. He is also a Royal Commissioner on the Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.

Mr Taylor has been a member of Council since MT 2003 and since his appointment by Council as chairman of the Audit and Scrutiny Committee in January 2006 has played a significant role in making it possible to submit substantially more positive reports to Council and to HEFCE on matters relating to internal control and risk management within the University. He also serves on a number of other University bodies including the Task Force on Academic Employment and the Salaries of Senior Officers Review Committee. He is Chairman of Isis Innovation. He chaired the review of Begbroke Science Park.

Sheldonian Theatre: Temporary Closure

The Curators of the Sheldonian Theatre wish to inform members of the University that the Theatre will be closed from Thursday, 19 June, to Friday, 7 November inclusive for the reinstallation of the ceiling panels which were removed for conservation in 2004.

The first admission for members of the University will be only for the Degree Ceremonies on Saturday, 8 November, but the Theatre will then, subject to the demands of booked meetings, etc., be open generally from Monday, 10 November.

St John's College

Organ Recitals

Recitals will take place at 6 p.m. on the following Saturdays in the college chapel. The recitals are open to all, and admission is free.

31 May: Dr Richard Marlow, formerly Director of Music, Trinity College, Cambridge

21 June: Dr Edward Higginbottom, Director of Music, New College

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The composition of the electoral board to the post below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:

Professorship of Development and Reproduction

The Principal of Somerville   Mr Vice-Chancellor 
The Principal of Jesus        ex officio 
Professor Sir John Bell       Council 
Professor J. Challis          Council 
Mr S. Kennedy                 Medical Sciences Board 
Professor G. Miesenböck       Medical Sciences Board 
Professor E. Robertson        Medical Sciences Board 
Dr W. Reik                    Medical Sciences Board 
Professor E.R. Moxon          Jesus College 
[1] Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Sects. 10 and 11 of Statute IX (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, Vol. 133, p. 108).

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