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Oxford University Gazette, 17 April 2008:
Prizes, Grants, and Funding

Oppenheimer Fund

The Oppenheimer Fund provides grants to assist the academic exchange of senior members between the University of Oxford on the one hand and universities and similar institutions of higher education in the Republic of South Africa on the other. Applications are invited from senior members of the University who wish either to visit one or more universities in South Africa or to invite a staff member from a South African university to Oxford.

Grants may be awarded to assist with living expenses for a maximum of six months, and travel costs. Visits for the sole purpose of attending a conference (or similar short event) will not normally be eligible for support from the fund.

The maximum level of grants is likely to be up to £1,000 per month for subsistence for those going to South Africa or £1200 for those coming to Oxford, and up to £700 for the cost of travel between Oxford and South Africa.

Applications for grants from the fund should include: a statement of the purpose of the proposed visit (including an outline of any research to be carried out during the visit); duration and estimated costs, details of any other available sources of funding; a curriculum vitae and a letter of support from the institution in South Africa, or a letter of support from Oxford if you are inviting a staff member from a South African university.

The closing date for applications is 1 June. Applications and any enquiries about the Fund should be sent to John-Paul Roche, Student Funding Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford (telephone: Oxford (2)70182), e-mail:

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Philosophical Fellowship Fund

Awards for study in Europe

The trustees of the Philosophical Fellowship Fund, which was established in 1941 for 'the furtherance of philosophical and/or scientific research', now invite applications for support from candidates whose research would benefit in some significant respect from a period of up to three months (or, exceptionally, up to six months), to be spent working in a European country (other than the UK) during the Long Vacation 2008 or the academic year 2008–9, starting not earlier than 1 July 2008 and ending not later than 30 September 2009. Candidates should at present be working for a higher degree in philosophy or a related subject with strong philosophical associations, or should have been awarded such a degree not more than three years ago.

Applications (hard copy, in triplicate) should be sent to Dr Sabina Lovibond, Worcester College, and should reach her by Friday, 16 May. Candidates should include, with their curriculum vitae, a brief description of their current research and study plans, and explanation of what they hope to achieve through their stay abroad. They should also give the names of two referees, whom they should ask to write directly to Dr Lovibond. Short-listed candidates will be asked to provide a sample of their written work, of not more than 5,000 words in length. Interviews, if any, will be held in the second half of Trinity Term.

The exact amount of any awards that may be made will be assessed in the light of the successful candidate's (or candidates') plans, but it is intended that they should be sufficient to make a substantial contribution to the costs of his or her travel and maintenance during the period of study abroad.

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