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Oxford University Gazette, 17 April 2008: University Acts


Dates of Encaenia


The dates of Encaenia for 2009 and 2010 published in the Gazette of 19 March, p. 839, are incorrect, and should read as follows:

2009: 24 June

2010: 23 June

Changes in Regulations

Council has made the following changes in regulations, to come into effect on 2 May.

Foster Memorial Fund

1 In Part 2 of Council Regulations 25 of 2002, concerning trusts (Statutes, 2000, p. 634, as redesignated as regulations by Decree (5) of 11 July 2002, Gazette, Vol. 132, p. 1461), delete § 106 and renumber existing §§ 107–113 as §§ 106–112.

2 This regulation shall be effective from the date on which the Statute approved by Congregation on 22 April 2008 is approved by Her Majesty in Council.

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Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Baruch, J., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Bowyer, D.G., Pembroke

Brodie, M.W., Keble

Davies, R., University Library Services

Ellison, M., Exeter

Evans-Maillard, H.D., St Edmund Hall

Gilliland, J.R., Wolfson

Goldschmidt, C.A., Wolfson

Hughes, Sir Thomas, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Lole-Harris, C.A., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

MacMillan, H.W., Merton

Marques Dos Santos, A.T.B., Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

Osman, L.M., Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

Phibbs, S.M., Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Russell, A.J., St John's

Samsonova, M.V., Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

Sin Fai Lam, D., Planning and Resources

Whiting, T.C., Public Affairs Directorate

Williams, M.A., University Library Services

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For changes in regulations for examinations, to come into effect on 2 May, see 'Examinations and Boards' below.

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