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Oxford University Gazette, 15 November 2007: Diary

Friday 16 November

MS TONE SOMMERFELT: 'Beyond categorical properties: milk-relatedness among Wolof-speakers in rural Gambia' (Ethnicity and Identity Seminar: 'Blood, vitality, and relatedness'), Lecture Room, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, 11 a.m.

LEARNING INSTITUTE seminar: 'Undergraduate admissions interviewing practice', 12 noon (for details, see the Learning Institute site).

GÉRARD LENCLUD: 'Persons as artefacts' (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology departmental seminars), Lecture Theatre, Pauling Centre, 4.10 p.m.

GEORGINA HENRY: 'The new journalism: paperless, global and free?' (Media and Politics Seminars), Seminar Room, Nuffield, 5 p.m.

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Saturday 17 November

ORGAN RECITAL: Greg Drott (Pembroke College, Cambridge), the chapel, Magdalen, 5.25 p.m. (admission free).

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Sunday 18 November

STEVEN ISSERLIS (cello) and IAN BROWN (piano) perform works by Mendelssohn, Kodály, Britten, Schumann, Ravel, and Poulenc, Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, St Hilda's, 8 p.m. (tickets £15/£12/£20/£17 from; details of all events at

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Monday 19 November

SASKIA WALENTOWITZ: ' "A child is done in the leg of its maternal uncle": reproduction, siblingship and kinship among the Tuareg' (Fertility and Reproduction Seminars: 'Reproduction and kinship'), Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, 11 a.m.

RICHARD MCKAY: ' "Patient Zero" is "out of the country": the frontiers of public health in the early North American Aids epidemic' (seminar series: 'New Directions in Modern Medicine'), Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, 2.15 p.m.

PROFESSOR COLIN MUNRO: 'Broadcast advertising restrictions' (Centre for Socio-legal Studies seminar series: 'Challenges to media policy, law, and regulation in the twenty-first century'), Seminar Room E, Manor Road Building, 4.30 p.m. (enquiries:

PROFESSOR CHRISTOPHER RICKS (Professor of Poetry): 'Rhythms: 1. Trains (Dickens to Dylan)' (lecture), Schools, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR PAUL COLLIER: 'Economic development and violent conflict' (lecture series: 'Foundations of governance in a globalised world'), Lecture Theatre, Manor Road Building, 5 p.m.

ELENA CHEBANKOVA: 'Putin's reform of Russian federalism' (lecture series: 'Putin's presidency in perspective'), Lecture Theatre, Russian and Eurasian Studies Centre, St Antony's, 5 p.m.

DR JANE BAUN: 'Franciscan paradoxes: poverty and learning' (Greyfriars Fiftieth Anniversary Lectures: 'The Franciscans in Oxford'), English Faculty Lecture Room 2, 5.15 p.m.

DR ALEXANDER YAKOBSON: 'Israeli democracy: how did it emerge and how is it doing?' (lecture series: 'Israel: historical, political and social aspects'), Exeter, 8 p.m.

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Tuesday 20 November

LEARNING INSTITUTE seminar: 'Planning for your retirement', 9 a.m. (see information above).

JACK FLAVELL: 'T.E. Lawrence at school: photographs in the Bodleian Library' (Friends of the Bodleian thirty-minute lecture), Cecil Jackson Room, Sheldonian, 1 p.m. (enquiries:

MARTIN CONWAY and DIMITAR BETCHEV: 'How can we tell if Europeanisation ever happened?' (seminar), Seminar Room, European Studies Centre, St Antony's, 5 p.m. (enquiries:

PROFESSOR DESMOND MCNEILL: 'Global poverty, ethics, and human rights: the role of multinational organisations' (Department of International Development: visiting speaker series), Seminar Room 2, Queen Elizabeth House, 5 p.m.

GEOFF MULGAN: 'Children's well-being and social policy' (seminar series: 'Promoting the well-being of children: bringing all the evidence together'), Violet Butler Seminar Room, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, 5 p.m.

DR HELEN CAMERON: 'Resourcing mission: the cultural hermeneutic of book groups, coffee shops, and parental choice' (Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture lectures: 'New directions and metaphors in mission'), Regent's Park College, Pusey Street, 5 p.m. (open to the public).

DAVID ANDERSON: 'The Cold War and the post-colony in East Africa, 1955–70' (seminar series: 'The global Cold War'), Trevor-roper Room, History Faculty Building, George Street, 5 p.m.

CHIMENE BATEMAN: 'Invocations of desire: the female addressee in "Partonopeu de Blois" and "Joufroi de Poitiers" (Medieval French Seminar), Maison Française, 5.15 p.m.

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Wednesday 21 November

DR ANITA BIRESSI and DR HEATHER NUNN: 'True confessions? Journalistic exposure of the self' (Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism seminars), Committee Room, Green College, 12 noon.

SUSAN JEBB: 'Tackling obesities: future choices' (Unit for Cultural Variation and Obesity seminar series), Room 1, Rosemary Rue Building, Old Road Campus, 12.30 p.m.

ORGAN RECITAL: Andrew Furniss (Oriel College), the chapel, Queen's, 1.10 p.m. (admission free; retiring collection).

PROFESSOR SUSAN WESSLER: 'Understanding the other Big Bang: how TEs amplify throughout genomes' (Mary Snow Lecture), Large Lecture Theatre, Department of Plant Sciences, 4.15 p.m.

HRH PRINCE EL HASSAN BIN TALAL OF JORDAN: 'Human rights and refugees' (Refugee Studies Centre: Harrell-bond Lecture), Museum of Natural History, 5 p.m. (enquiries:

JAVIER POLAVIEJA: 'Occupational sex composition and earnings' (sociology Seminars: 'Employment change, social inequality, and social integration'), Clay Room, Nuffield, 5 p.m.

RICHARD SCHOFIELD: 'All quiet on the territorial front' (seminar), Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, George Street, 5 p.m. [Note: title changed from that originally advertised.]

ANNA JOUKOVSKAÏA: 'Work relationship in the eighteenth-century Russian administration: continuity and change' (seminar series: 'Processes of change in early modern Europe'), Hovenden Room, All Souls, 5 p.m. (enquiries:

MARIA TIGHE: 'Reflexology and acupuncture in the UK: a practitioner research perspective' (seminar series: 'Eastern medicines and religions in Britain: medical anthropological approaches'), Pauling Centre, 5 p.m.

PAUL FOURNEL: 'Choisir une forme' (lecture), Maison Française, 5.15 p.m.

DR CÉSAR MERCHAN HAMANN: 'The wiles of women: an example of the translation of wisdom literature in medieval Spain' (David Patterson Seminars), OCHJS, Yarnton Manor, 8 p.m.

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Thursday 22 November

MADELEINE RIDD (cello) and GUY NEWBURY (piano): programme of Romantic music, including the Brahms first sonata (op. 38), the chapel, Harris Manchester, 1.30 p.m. (admission free; retiring collection).

DIMITRINA SPENCER: 'States, employers, and migrants: a dynamic triad' (ESRC Centre on Migration, Policy, and Society (COMPAS) seminar series: 'New trends in contemporary migration'), Pauling Centre, 58a Banbury Road, 2 p.m. (further information at vents/seminars_lectures.shtml).

PROFESSOR YVES GINGRAS: 'A new tool for historians of science. Citation and co-citations analysis in scientific correspondence: the case of Mersenne, Oldenburg, and Darwin' ('Problems in the History of Science' seminar), Colin Matthew Room, History Faculty Building, 3 p.m.

LUCY RUSSELL and LOUISA DARIAN: 'More than one rung: young women's disadvantage in careers, work, skills, and pay' (International Gender Studies Centre seminars: 'What have we done to the children?'), Queen Elizabeth House, 3.30 p.m.

PROFESSOR STEVE RAYNER: seminar in the James Martin Twenty-first Century School seminar series, Old Indian Institute, 3.30 p.m.

LORD MACLENNAN (and BILLY BRAGG, to be confirmed): 'A democratic second chamber: why patronage and placement are not enough' (seminar series: 'Towards a new constitutional settlement'), Magdalen, 5 p.m.

SIR IVOR ROBERTS: 'Conversations with Milosevic and other war criminals' (public lecture), Seminar Room, European Studies Centre, St Antony's, 5 p.m. (enquiries:

PROFESSOR NORMAN YOFFEE: 'The earliest cities and the evolution of history' (Astor Lecture), Headley Lecture Theatre, Ashmolean, 5 p.m. (open to the public).

SUBROTO BAGCHI: 'The meaning of corporate social responsibility: perspectives of an Indian entrepeneur' (Oxford–Achilles Working Group on Corporate Social Responsibility: Achilles Insight Lecture), Edmund Safra Lecture Theatre, Saïd Business School, 5 p.m.

JAN MIERNOWSKI: seminar in the Early Modern French Seminar series, Maison Française, 5.15 p.m.

PROFESSOR NICHOLAS SIMS-WILLIAMS: 'Philology in action: the rediscovery of Bactrian' (Jill Hart Memorial Lecture), Haldane Room, Wolfson, 6 p.m.

THE CHOIR OF QUEEN'S COLLEGE and THE ORCHESTRA OF THE EGLESFIELD MUSICAL SOCIETY (dir. Owen Rees) perform Britten's Saint Nicholas and Tippett, spirituals from A Child of Our Time, the chapel, Queen's, 8.15 p.m. (admission by programme £9/£6/£4; free to members of the college).

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Friday 23 November

PROFESSOR BETH CONKLIN: 'Appropriating the vitality of violence: cannibalism in early modern Europe and lowland South America' (Ethnicity and Identity Seminar: 'Blood, vitality, and relatedness'), Lecture Room, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, 11 a.m.

LEARNING INSTITUTE seminar: 'Introduction to the University Library Services', 11 a.m. (for details, see the Learning Institute site).

SIGNE HOWELL: 'Continuity through change; three decades of engaging with Chewong (Malaysia)' (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology departmental seminars), Lecture Theatre, Pauling Centre, 4.10 p.m.

SIR PAUL NURSE: 'The great ideas of biology' (Charles Simonyi Lecture in the Public Understanding of Science), Oxford Playhouse, 4.30 p.m. (introduced by Professor Richard Dawkins). (Admission £3.50. Further information at

LORD ADONIS: 'The media as seen by an academic, a journalist and a minister' (Media and Politics Seminars), Seminar Room, Nuffield, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR YVES GINGRAS: 'The transformation of the scientific fields (1900–45): a bibliometric point of view' (lecture), Maison Française, 5.15 p.m.

PHILIPPA IBBOTSON (violin), JACQUELINE JOHNSON (cello), and MARK HOOPER (piano) perform works by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Brahms, Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, St Hilda's, 7.30 p.m. (tickets £10/£8 from; details of all events at

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Saturday 24 November

PITT RIVERS MUSEUM: weekend of activities to mark the formal opening of the museum's new extension, today and tomorrow, 1–4 p.m. (further details at

STUDY DAY: 'Dumézil and Dumont as third-generation Durkheimians', Maison Française, 10.30 a.m.–4 p.m.

ORGAN RECITAL: Stephen Farr (St Paul's, Knightsbridge), the chapel, Magdalen, 5.25 p.m. (admission free).

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