University of Oxford

Oxford University Gazette, 13 December 2007:
Prizes, Grants, and Funding

Hester Cordelia Parsons Fund

Awards for research in experimental biological science

Applications are invited from members of the University under thirty years of age for awards to support the costs of research in experimental biological science. The awards are intended for graduate and postdoctoral workers already holding grants or fellowships, including members of the academic staff, and are to encourage the development of experimental methods at the boundaries of biological, physical and chemical sciences. Awards are intended to enable the holder to learn and develop new experimental methods, and to support travel and subsistence expenses that may be incurred.

Applicants must: provide sufficient information about the nature of their research to establish that it lies within the field of experimental biological science as specified above; describe the nature and costs of the expenditure for which an award is requested; provide a curriculum vitae which includes the names and e-mail addresses of two referees who may be contacted if necessary; send their application, which should not exceed two sides of A4, to Judith Brown, Secretary to the Fund, Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Divisional Office, 9 Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PD (e-mail:, by Friday of third week of Hilary Term (1 February).

Potential areas of application may include, but shall not be limited to, bioengineering, the effects of extreme environmental conditions, atmospheric and oceanic interactions, the study of flight, and similar areas where the effective application of physical principles in the study of biological systems may yield new insights.

Grants from the fund, typically in the range of £500 to £2,000, may support: (1) travel and subsistence costs in visiting laboratories in the United Kingdom or overseas; (2) training courses in experimental techniques; (3) the purchase of equipment; (4) other relevant purposes, at the discretion of the board of management.

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St Cross College

Bursary in Archaeology

A Bursary in Archaeology, equivalent to the college fee plus a stipend of £2,000 per annum, will be available from Michaelmas Term 2008 and will be renewable for up three years. All D.Phil students in archaeology (including those transferring from taught master's degrees) who list St Cross as their first-choice college by 14 March will automatically be considered; there is no separate application procedure.

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